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Storm has now been rehomed Name : Storm Age : 10 Months Sex : Male Breed : Lurcher Children : Teens Other dogs : Selective Cats : No Storm will need a very secure garden for a toileting area and a home with a family who are at home most of the day as he can fret when he is left on his own.  He will also need a continued training plan.

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Sabine & Porthos

*Sabine & Porthos have been adopted* Sabine and Porthos are a stunning pair of rabbits who came to us after being abandoned in a pet carrier. Sabine is around 2 1/2 years old and Porthos is around 1 1/2 years old. They have both been neutered. They are a beautiful pair of rabbits who are very friendly and loving. Sabine is the outgoing one of the pair, she is always first over to say hello and to see if you…

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Zoe has been re-homed. Little Miss Zoe pig is 4 years old and is a very lovely girl. Sadly Zoe's owner was no longer able to care for her due to circumstances beyond her control. Zoe has been very well cared for and loved. Zoe is a sassy little piggy who loves human attention! She loves to be petted, cuddled, have her chin scratched, generally anything that gives her the attention she craves. Sadly Zoe has never…

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Shadow has been successfully rehomed Name Shadow Age 4.5 Years Sex Male Breed Cocker Spaniel X Children Experienced Teens Other dogs Yes Cats Under assessment Shadow is a friendly spaniel who loves playing fetch.

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Leo has been rehomed Name Leo Age 2-3 Years Sex Male Breed JR X Children Yes Other dogs Yes Cats Yes Leo is an excitable boy who will need someone at home most of the day. Leo will need further house training and basic commands.

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Mac has been rehomed Name Mac Age 2 Years Sex Male Breed Pug X Children No Other dogs Selective Cats No Mac will need all aspects of training.

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Tiger is now rehomed. Name Tiger Age 10 years+ Sex Male Breed/Colour White and Ginger Children 6 Years+ Dogs Yes Cats No Access to outdoors Yes Tiger is a friendly boy who would make a loving family companion

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Rex is now rehomed. Name Rex Age 3-4 years Sex Male Breed/Colour Ginger & White Children Yes Dogs Under assessment Cats Under Assessment Access to Outdoors Yes Rex is a friendly boy with a quirky purr as he is asthmatic but his asthma is kept under control with medication including inhalers.

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Buster is now rehomed. Name Buster Age 5 years Sex Male Breed Lab X Children Teens Other dogs Selective Cats Yes Buster is a large breed dog who loves his home comforts so would prefer someone to be at home with him most of the day.  Buster is very strong so will need an owner with experience of large breeds.

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Toby has been successfully rehomed Name Toby Age 4 years Sex Male Breed Terrier X Children 12years+ Other dogs Selective Cats No Toby will need a quiet home with further training on confidence building.

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