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Slinky has been successfully rehomed. Name Slinky Age 2 years Sex Male Breed Beagle X Children Yes Other dogs Yes Cats Yes

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Please support the ‪#‎MoreThanAShop‬ campaign

The On-line petition is open to end March.  Please read and support us. Charity shops are currently entitled to 100% relief on our business rates, but this being reviewed by the Department of Finance and Personnel at Stormont with the possibility that the relief could be reduced or eliminated. A hike in charity shop rates in Northern Ireland could mean charities here would have £5.5m less to spend on the most vulnerable. …

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Paris is now rehomed. Name Paris Age 2 years Sex Female Breed Lab X Children Yes Other dogs  Yes Cats No Paris will need all aspects of training.

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Rose has been successfully rehomed Name Rose Age 10 yrs approximately Sex Female Breed Collie X Children 12 yrs+ Other dogs No Cats No Rose is a friendly girl seeking a quiet retirement home.

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Mitzie has been successfully rehomed Name Mitzie Age 5 yrs Sex Female Breed Jr X Children No Other dogs No Cats No Mitzie is a nervous girl who will need an experienced owner who can visit her multiple times to build a bond before she goes home.

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Elsa is now rehomed. Name Elsa Age 1 year Sex Female Breed JR X Children Yes Other dogs Yes Cats Yes Elsa is a friendly girl who needs an active home.

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Rosie is now rehomed. Name Rosie Age 3-4yrs Sex Female Breed/Colour Tabby Children No Dogs No Cats No Access to outdoors Yes Rosie will require a quiet home.

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Luther is now rehomed. Name Luther Age 5 months Sex Male Breed/Colour Black and White Children 8years+ Dogs Yes Cats Possibly Access to outdoors Optional Luther has no experience of outdoors so he could be kept indoors as a house at or alternatively he could be slowly introduced to outdoors in a quiet area.

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Archie is now rehomed. Name Archie Age 18 Months Sex Male Breed Yorkshire Terrier Children Yes Other dogs No experience Cats No experience Archie will need further training on basic manners and his recall.

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Moxi is now rehomed. Name Moxi Age 4 years Sex Female Breed Boxer X Children 8 years+ Other dogs Fine with big dogs Cats No Moxi will need further training on the lead.

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