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Kaiser has been successfully rehomed Name : Kaiser Age : 18 weeks Sex : Male Breed : Collie X Children : Teens Other dogs : Yes Cats : No Kaiser is an energetic boy who will benefit from an experienced dog owner.  Kaiser will need all aspects of puppy training.

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Tommy is now rehomed. Tommy is a very handsome boy who has been with us for quite a while. He is around 6 years old and has been neutered. Recently his partner, Mabel, decided she no longer liked him and he had to move out. Since moving out he has lost some weight and got a new lease of life! Tommy would love a new wife who is very laid back and easy going. He is a house rabbit so would need to live indoors but…

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Arthur is now rehomed. *SPECIAL APPEAL* Meet our little Arthur. This lovely older gentleman came into us at the beginning of November 2015 in a terrible state. We suspect he had been living rough for a quite some time. Tests revealed he had an old pelvic fracture, a badly injured tail and he needed a lot of dental work done. We started him on antibiotics and pain killers and unfortunately we had to amputate his…

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Fudge is now rehomed. Name Fudge Age 18 Months Sex Male Breed/Colour White and Tabby Children 8 Years+ Dogs Under Assessment Cats Under Asessment Access to outdoors Yes Fudge is an affectionate little guy who loves to play.

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Finlay is now rehomed. Name Finlay Age 5 Years Sex Male Breed/Colour Ginger and White Children 10 Years+ Dogs Under Assessment Cats Under Assessment Access to outdoors Yes Finlay has some food allergies so he needs to be kept to a strict diet.

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Lucky has now been rehomed. Name Lucky Age 9 Years Sex Male Breed Pomeranian Children Yes Other dogs Yes Cats Yes Lucky is a friendly little guy who loves human company.

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Reilly is now rehomed. Name Reilly Age 4 Years Sex Male Breed Jr X Children Under Assessment Other dogs Under Assessment Cats No Reilly has just arrived in the Sanctuary so he is still under assessment.

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Coco & Blossom

Coco & Blossom have been successfully rehomed. Coco and Blossom are two stunning little ladypigs. They are both 3 years old. They are very easy to handle and love to be cuddled. Blossom is especially cuddly and will sit on your lap for hours on end. Coco is more of a fidget and will get bored after a while, unless some snacks are provided of course!

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Hercules is now rehomed. Name Hercules Age 5 years Sex Male Breed/Colour Long haired Tabby Children Under Assessment Dogs Under Assessment Cats Under Assessment Access to outdoors Yes Hercules has not long arrived at the Sanctuary so he is still under assessment.

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Bessie is now reserved Hi all, my name is Bessie and I am nine years young! I am a collie cross and I have lots and lots of love to give. Unfortunately i have an injury to one of my legs and I will need surgery!! Assisi will pay for my surgery but the thing is, I need to find a home to recover in before I can get my surgery! I am not overly fussed on other dogs, in fact i would prefer…

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