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Max has now been successfully rehomed Name : Max Age : 16 weeks old Sex : Male Breed/Colour : Black Children : 12yrs+ Dogs : Cat experienced dogs only Cats : Possibly Access to outdoors : Yes Max is a boisterous little kitten with no fear. Max can be very rough when playing so would be best suited with no young children.

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Ottis, Odin, Oreil and Orla

These kittens have all been rehomed. Name : Ottis, Odin, Oreil and Orla Age : 8-9 weeks old Sex : 2 Male 2 Female Colour : 2 Tabbys, 1 ginger and 1 Black &white Children : 10yrs+ Dogs : No Cats : Yes Access to outdoors : Optional These little ones are quite shy initially so will need a quiet home to settle in.

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Daphne has now been successfully rehomed. Name : Daphne Age : 10 years old Sex : Female Breed : Pomeranian X Children : 12yrs+ Other dogs : Selective Cats : No Daphne is a sweet girl seeking a loving, quiet home.

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Pepper has been successfully rehomed Name : Pepper Age : 1 year old Sex : Female Breed/Colour : Tortie & White Children : Yes Dogs : Possibly Cats : Under assessment Access to outdoors : Yes Pepper is a sweet little lady who would make a fantastic companion pet.

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Harvey has now been successfully rehomed Name : Harvey Age : 7 years old Sex : Male Breed/Colour : Ginger & White Children : No Dogs : No Cats : No Access to outdoors : No Harvey is a shy little character until he gets to know you so he will need a quiet home, but once he builds that bond he is very loving. Harvey is a housecat so he will need to be kept completely indoors.

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Summer has been rehomed Name : Summer Age : 9 months Sex : Female Breed/Colour : Tabby/Tortie Children : No Dogs : No Cats : No Access to outdoors : Optional Summer is a very nervous girl who will need a quiet home with plenty of time to settle in. Summer may be able to have access to outdoors once she has a strong bond with her owner.

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A Special Home Required for Gizmo

We are looking for a special long-term foster home for one of our resident dogs. Gizmo is five years old and a terrier cross who does not like other animals or children. Gizmo was abandoned by his owner after they were evicted; it was three weeks before the Housing Executive found him in their property. During this time he survived by drinking…

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