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*Ned is now rehomed* Meet Ned!! Age: 7 months Gender: male Dogs: yes Cats: no Children: 8+ Ned is a lovely terrier cross, he is very lively and playful, Ned will need all aspects of puppy training. If you feel you could offer Ned his forever home please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form.

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Allie is now rehomed This lovely older girl is Allie. Age: 7 years Gender: female Dogs: under assessment Cats: no Children: 12+ Allie is a wonderful girl who just loves to play! She will need some work on her basic manners. If you feel you could offer allie her forever home please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form.

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Meet the Beautiful Mischa

Mischa has now been successfully rehomed Mischa is a beautiful Weimaraner. We rescued Mischa from a pound after no one claimed her. Mischa has been diagnosed with heart failure and we are looking for a home where Mischa will be able to potter about and receive lots of love and care. She is around 8 years old. If you feel you could you give Mischa a loving home, please call to the sanctuary and meet her and find…

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Lula and Gilbert

Lula and Gilbert have now gone home! Lula is a gorgeous 1 year old dark brown coloured bunny. A friendly outgoing and sweet girl who comes over for treats and cuddles. She is a very nosey bun! She is currently on medication but it is hopefully not long term. Gilbert is 2 years old and light sand in colouring. He is slightly more shy and Lula is certainly in charge so he just does as his wife…

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Sketch has now been rehomed Age: 9 months Sex: male Breed: spaniel/collie X Dogs: under assessment. Cats: under assessment. Children: under assessment. Sketch will need all aspects of training. He is currently under assessment as he is new to the sanctuary.

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Misty is now rehomed Age: 4 years. Sex: female. Breed: Visla X. Dogs: yes. Cats: no. Children: teens+ Misty is a shy girl and will need time to form a bond with her new owners. She is still under assessment.

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Niska, Mia

One year old Mia came into us with her two daughters, Niska and Mattie, who are 4 months old.  They are all very bonded so would like to be rehomed together.

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Lena, Lupa and Lynx

All these puppies are now rehomed Age: 4 months old Breed: Collie/Saluki X (large once fully grown) Sex: all female Children: Yes Dogs: Yes Cats: Possibly These beautiful pups are very energetic! They will require a lot of exercise and all aspects of training.

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Coke is now rehomed Age: 10 weeks Breed: Terrier X Sex: Male Kids: 6+ Dogs: Yes Cats: possibly Coke is a lovely young pup who will require all aspects of puppy training. If you feel you could offer Coke a lovely home, please call up…

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 Teddy is now rehomed Teddy is a Terrier X Age: 10 years Sex: male Kids: Teens Dogs: Possibly Cats: Possibly Teddy has not been at the sanctuary long and is still currently under assessment. Teddy is seeking a quiet retirement home where he can have as much love as he deserves.

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