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Pedro is now rehomed Meet Pedro! Age: 18 months old. Other cats: under assessment. Dogs: under assessment. Children: 10+. Pedro is a friendly boy who loves attention and would like access to a safe garden once he is settled into his new home. He is currently under assessment.

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8 years old female .No cats. Experienced cat owner    

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Mittens is now rehomed 😻 Meet Mittens! She is 1 and half years old and is shy initially but when she gets to know you she is very friendly. She will need a semi quiet home to call her own. She does not like other cats or dogs and would only suit a home with teenage children.

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 Elliott is now rehomed This handsome boy is Elliott! Elliott is a distinguished 9 year old gent who will require a nice quiet home. He loves nothing more than kisses and head massages and does a little happy dance with his feet. He absolutely loves his his grub too! Elliott would like a very quiet family with older children/teenagers. He does not like dogs and is currently under assessment…

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Sheba has been rehomed Meet Sheba! Sheba is 4 years old and super friendly... Once she gets to know you. She would like access to a safe garden with a quiet home. Sheba would prefer a home with older children and she does not get on well with other cats or dogs. If you are interested in rehoming, please call up to the sanctuary and fill in a rehoming form. The sanctuary is open Tuesday-Sunday…

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 Owen is now rehomed 😻House cat😻 This stunning red head is Owen! He is 5 years old and will now need to live an indoor life as he has tested *FIV positive* he will also require a lot of grooming due to being semi-long-haired. As you can see, he has had to be shaved as he was in a very matted state when he arrived at…

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Lemmy is now rehomed Lemmy is a 1 year old neutered male with all his vaccinations up to date! Lemmy can be a little nervous of new people but once he gets to know you he is quite a boisterous bun! He likes to explore new areas, and he can also be a little nippy when feeding him sweeties, so fingers need to be kept out of the way!! Lemmy is looking for a spacious home, indoor or outdoor, with…

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Luna and Griffin

Luna and Griffin are now rehomed  Griffin is an approximately 10 month old, neutered male bun with all his vaccinations up to date! Griffin is quite a shy bun until he gets to know you, and once he does he quite enjoys a little pet! He also becomes quite confident and will bounce around your feet! He loves to investigate so you must be vigilant and aware of an open door as he will…

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Peep is now rehomed Peep is approximately 8 months old, neutered and up to date with vaccinations. He is a longed haired bun, and as a result will need a reasonably experienced owner to groom him regularly to keep on top of tatts and matts which would make him uncomfortable!! Peep came in with 6 other buns found in a box, but unfortunately somewhere within the group an argument was had only a…

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Moose is now reserved Meet Moose! Moose is a 1 year old recently neutered male who has only just arrived at the sanctuary! He has had his first vaccination…

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