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Lucy is now rehomed Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a 14 week old Lurcher X. I came to the sanctuary with 7 brothers and sisters. They were all chosen by their forever families but mine have not found me yet, and so I am left all alone. The people here are very nice to me, but what I really want is my own family to love forever! I am a sweet,…

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Ted is now rehomed Ted is a little bun with a big personality! He is an 8 month old Grey lop who is currently single and looking for a partner. He was paired with his brother, but unfortunately they had a falling out. As a result a female would be suggested for Teds companion. He appears quite shy, but can actually be quite boisterous once he is settled and you get to know him! He needs a little…

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Alfie is now rehomed   Alfie is a sweet little chocolate coloured lop who is almost 1 year old! Alfie is lively and curious. He loves to be right up at the door to his run watching everything that’s going on and trying to get involved! He loves…

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Dio is now rehomed This little rascal is Dio. Age: 3years Gender: male Breed: yorkie X Kids: 10+ with dog experience Cats: under assessment Dogs: under assessment Dio is still under assessment as he has not been with us long. If you feel you could offer him a home please call up to the sanctuary.

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 Shadow is now rehomed This Handsome chap is shadow. Age: 3years Gender: male Breed: lab X Cats: under assessment Dogs: yes Kids: 8+ Shadow is a very loving dog who is looking for his forever home. He loves people and playing with other dogs. He is very friendly and energetic. If you feel you could offer shadow a home please call up to the sanctuary.

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Roxy is now reserved This pretty girl is Roxy! Age: 10months Gender: female Breed: collie X Kids: under assessment Cats: no Dogs: under assessment Roxy has not been at the sanctuary very long and she is finding kennel life quite stressful. She is full of energy and loves to play. Roxy will need an experienced owner who can continue on with her training.

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 Roscoe is now rehomed Hi, I’m Roscoe! I’m a handsome 6 year old lab X and I just love to play all day! I like other doggies very much because we can have lots of fun games together but when I try to play with those small not-dogs (I think they’re called cats?) they get scared and run away, I guess because I am too big, so I wouldn’t…

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Sheriff and Deputy

Sheriff and Deputy are now rehomed Hello, my name is Sheriff, I am a 2 year old tabby and white cat, and this is my friend Deputy! We were found roaming some fields by a workshop.  I was found to be FELV+ and so I can't  be with any other cats, except for Deputy. Therefore we are strictly house cats and are seeking a home together. If you think you could offer us our forever homes then please…

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 Pebbles is now rehomed Hello, my name is Pebbles! I'm a pretty 2-3 year old torty kitty cat looking for my forever home. I am friendly but can have my cheeky moments! I would like to be the only cat in my new home. I would like to live with children aged 8+ and I would like a nice garden to play in once I am settled. If you could offer me a home please contact Assisi. Opening hours…

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 Thor is now reserved This mighty fellow is Thor, a 9 month old Lurcher X. Thor really lives up to his name as he is extra-large in size! He is a happy, friendly boy and can be quite strong so we are looking for someone with large dog experience to continue his training. He could go with another large dog, but not with cats. He could go with older kids who have experience with large…

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