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Goodbye to Kali

Sunday was a sad day at the sanctuary, as we had to say goodbye to Kali, our office cat. If you have visited the sanctuary you will probably have seen her lounging in the office window. She liked to keep an eye on what was going on outside, as long as she didn’t have to expend any energy by joining in. Kali was a stray and came to live at the sanctuary several years ago. We believe she had probably lived a hard life for a few years before coming…

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**Willow is now rehomed** 18 Months old female. Quiet home . Mature Family.

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Priscilla is now rehomed Hello my name is Priscilla The staff here who feed me say I'm a very young looking 3 year old. I had 5 babies with me when I arrived which was a handfull.  I have a favourite mouse toy which i like to play with after I have had my dinner.  If you would like to come up and visit me i could show you my mouse playing skills. Rehoming is between 11am and 3pm every…

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TJ is now rehomed I am a rambunctious character and am the sanctuary's resident bad boy (ladies love a bad boy, right?) I am an independent 2 year old boy who loves to get up to all sorts of shenanigans although, despite being independent and having a bad-boy swagger, I can be very sweet and loving but only on my terms though and if you have food! I need a home with an experienced cat…

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Preston and Pete

Preston and Pete are now rehomed This is Preston (Male - tabby to the left) and Pete (Male - ginger to the right) and they are 11 weeks old. They are a bonded pair and need a loving home together.  Call to the sanctuary and meet them - they are great characters and will keep you amused for hours.

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Simon and Stella

 Simon and Stella are now rehomed Hello my name is Simon (black and white) and this is my sister Stella (tabby tortie).  We are 6 months old and a very bonded pair as you can see. We are very shy and would love a furrever home where our human will build up our confidence and allow us time to settle in.

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Monique has now been rehomed Hello my name is Monique and I am approximately 3 years old. Though you should never ask a lady her age. I was found by a lovely person under a hedge and they brought me to Assisi where I have been treated for sore eyes, paws and chin. I am feeling a lot better now

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Onyx is now rehomed Hello my name is Onyx and I am 8-9 years old, though the humans here say I have a baby face (blushes).  I was found as a stray and I needed some of my fur shaved as I am a domestic long hair and need brushed regularly. I suppose it needed to done and it's the best time of the year to do it as there would of been a draft in the winter.

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Pepsi is now rehomed Well good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! My name is Pepsi and I am three years old. I am going to tell you how I could help you and fit into your home. Well firstly I am a great cuddler and I just love affection! I can cheer you up when you are having a bad day. I am also very good at letting you know if there is something suspicious going on outside…

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Milo is now rehomed Good morning everyone! My name is milo and am am a five year old collie X. I have to say I would make the most fabulous family pet. I am great with young sprites, in fact they are great for throwing my ball for me. Of course I would have to train them up first! I also enjoy long walks on the beach and a nice dinner! I could also live with other dogs as long as they don't steal…

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