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Cherry is now rehomed Good morning to you all! My name is cherry and I am around six years young! I am a terrier cross and I am just full of love! I enjoy spending time with the humans here! They are great fun but I really want to find a human or two of my own! I could live with older children who are used to living with dogs! I would prefer to be the only pet in the house and to be honest…

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Gaston is now rehomed Hi guys my name is Gaston and I am nine months old! I am a handsome fella as you can see! I am a Kerry Blue cross so I can be a little bit of a handful! My favourite thing in the whole world is chasing tennis balls! The way the fly through the air and then the chase to try and catch it before it hits the ground! It is so much fun! I also enjoy spending time with the humans…

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Cat of the week!!

Hello everyone! My name is Faith and I am 6yeas old female cat looking for somebody to love me. I am pretty chilled cat that doesn’t mind to relax on my own but I will come for my strokes I promise. I don’t mind children, but I would they would need to be older and understand I need my safe space at times. I would not like to share my house with other pets as I believe…

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Dog of the week

Hi guys it’s me again Mitzi! I am a five year old Jack Russell cross! I am just full of beans and I love to be constantly on the go! I enjoy walks and runs! I also enjoy some quiet time in the evenings and I will happily snuggle up with you by the fire! I would prefer to be the only pet in the house as I…

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Guinea Pigs of the week

Say Hello to Attilla and Julius! Attilla is a long wire haired brown Guinea Piggie, and…

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Badger and Vixen

Badger and Vixen are now rehomed Badger and Vixen are two newly admitted Guinea Pigs to the sanctuary. (Sept 2017). Badger is a long haired Black and White Piggie whilst Vixen is a Long Haired Tri-colour (Black, White and Tan). These two female piggies are around 1 year old. As they are both long haired, they will…

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Shadow and Smokey

Shadow and Smokey have now been re-homed! Meet Shadow and Smokey, two newbies at the sanctuary, admitted September 2017. Shadow is a neutered male, and his sister Smokey is a Spayed female. Both have their vaccinations up to date. Smokey and Shadow are friendly buns once settled, they enjoy a stroke and don't mind being lifted now and again. They…

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Attilla and Julius

Julius and Attila are now rehomed! Say Hello to Attilla and Julius! Attilla is a long wire haired brown Guinea Piggie, and Julius is a Ginger Long Haired Piggie. They are both neutered! Attilla is a more confident pig than Julius, however still quite nervous. We are working to get them more used to being handled, however this will still take some time. They…

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Fay and Farrah

Fay and Farrah are now rehomed  Hi, we are Fay and Farrah. Can you believe we are still here?... I mean look at our beautiful faces!!!! Who wouldn't fall in love with us? We are a bonded pair and need to be re homed together. Farrah is very friendly and confident but Fay can be a little shy therefore would benefit from a quiet home. If you would like to meet us, call up to the sanctuary…

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Gary is now rehomed    Hello there I'm Gary and his is my brother Gavin and sister Gilda. I am a confident boy and would be happy going to a home by myself but my brother Gavin and sister Gilda must stay together as they are a little shy compared to me. We like older children as they can be more understanding of our nature. If you can offer us a loving home please call up to the…

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