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Christmas Tree Celebration Evening

We would like to extend a special invite for everyone to come and join us at the Sanctuary to gather around our Celebration Tree with mulled wine and mince pies on Sunday 16th December between 3pm—5pm For every £2.00 donation you can write your own special message in celebration of your beloved pet, past or present, to hang on our Celebration Tree. The tree will be displayed at the Sanctuary all over…

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This is Red! Red is a active boy, who loves nothing more than a game of fetch, and would make a fabulous hiking companion. He ignores other dogs on walks, however wouldn't be suited to living with other pets. Red was originally brought to the sanctuary in June 2017. He will need an experienced owner to help him deal with some behavioural issues. 

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This is Teddy! Teddy is a 4 year old Pomeranian cross. Teddy is an active boy who loves exploring on walks. He will need an experienced owner as he is a nervous dog with some behavioural issues. He wouldn't be suitable to live with children or other animals. 

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Skipper is reserved Meet Skipper! He is a 4 and a half year old Yorkie! Skipper is an active little dog, who gets on very well with other dogs when out and about. He has a great wee character. Skipper was originally from the pound and from our assessments we have found that he will guard his food and toys. Therefore we are looking for a home with no children for him. Please call up to the Sanctuary…

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***Jasper is now reserved*** This lovely boy is Jasper! He is a 1 and a half year old Yorkie cross. Jasper would be best suited to a home with no other dogs, however he can get on with dogs when out and about. He is an active dog who loves his treats and toys, making him lots of fun to be around. He does have some handling issues making him unsuitable to live with young children. 

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Smokey and Shadow

Smokey and Shadow are to lovely buns at approximately 2 years old. Smokey is black in colour whilst Shadow is white in colour! They are two neutered males that are well bonded. Shadow is a little braver than Smokey would be, but he is coming around well and both enjoy their head-rubs! Both boys love to explore their surroundings and love getting new toys to play with. Smokey and Shadow have recently come back…

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Meet Bruce! Bruce is a white neutered male bun looking for a female bun he can bond with. Bruce is approximately 1 -2 years old. He is a very nosey bun that loves to investigate all surroundings! He loves to explore new areas, and can be quite persistent that he is getting out his run door!! He is coming around to the idea of head rubs being nice, but prefers to have his four feet firmly on the ground, only having…

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Eliza and Tattie

Eliza and Tattie buns are a mother and daughter pair! Eliza is mum bun, grey in colour and approximately 1 - 2 years old, Tattie bun is black and white in colour and approximately 2 months old now! Tattie arrived to us as a small pink hairless potato! She has grown brilliantly in size! Eliza has really come around, as when she first came to the sanctuary she was quite feisty! Now she enjoys head rubs and cuddles!…

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10 years + Male On long term medication Kids - teenage Cats - no Dogs - no

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5 months Female Kids - teenage children Cats - under assessment Dogs - No

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