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Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

‘There is not much known about Mordecai's past, as he was found as a stray. Mordecai can be a very forward and outgoing boy, with a bit of sassy attitude! But don't let that fool you, he has a really sweet side to him, but only on his own terms! Mordecai has been in our care for well over a year now, where he has been tried with many rabbits. Unfortunately, Mordecai hasn't taken to any other rabbit, due to his very dominate personality. We are willing to let Mordecai go home by himself, with the possibility to try him with another rabbit in the future. Mordecai would be well suited for an indoor home, where he can have his own space to hang out, with options to explore more of the house during the day. Mordecai wouldn't be well suited to go to a home with children in it, as he has bit in the past!’


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