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Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

*SPECIAL APPEAL* This beautiful girl is Storm, and she has been with us since 28th of February 2021. When Storm was first admitted to the Sanctuary, she was incredibly scared and nervous when meeting the staff. It took a week or two to gain Storm’s trust but with some time, patience and treats we got there, and she started to show us her happy, fun, hyper, typical Staffie side! Storm was rehomed in April but unfortunately needed to be returned soon after due to behavioural issues that arose in the home. When she came back, we could see she her personality had changed quite dramatically; she was more nervous than ever and needed to be moved to a quieter area on site as the noises from the other dogs as well as general everyday noises from the Sanctuary were causing her stress. When Storm gets stressed or over excited, she can be very mouthy. She is not trying to hurt you or in any way be aggressive, this is stress and excitement that she doesn't know how to control yet. She also finds other dogs a threat and puts her guard up before they can approach her, this reactivity is purely lack of socialising around other dogs when she was a puppy, which means passing dogs on her walks makes her very agitated. Staff worked with Storm everyday trying to spend as much time on her training and socialisation to help reduce her stress, but something still didn't seem quite right with her. One morning when staff came into Storm’s kennel, they could see that she was very distressed and confused and was taking a while to come around to them, and when she did, all she wanted was comfort. We were very concerned and therefore a trip to the vet was required and it was suggested that the issue might be that Storm had suffered a seizure. We spoke with our vets and arranged a trip to Earlswood Vet, so she could have an MRI to find out what was going on and to rule out any tumours or trauma to the brain that may be causing the seizure as well as her behavioural problems. After the results of the MRI and talking with the vets about how Storm had been acting in the morning and while on walks or in her kennel it was confirmed that Storm would need to begin treatment for epilepsy. Since starting her new medication she hasn’t had any seizures but she will need to continue her training plan to help with her behavioural issues. Storm would need a calm, quiet, home with someone who is ready to work with her on her issues and is willing to deal with an animal with epilepsy. Storm is NOT suited to going to a home with children or other pets whether that's in the home or visiting. Storm has shown so much love and affection to us here at Assisi. She makes us giggle every day and leaves us with a smile on our faces. She deserves a loving home with someone who understands her and is willing to help her. We know there is someone out there for her and we will do anything to find her her perfect home! When applying for Storm please understand there will be no accepting of any home with children or teenagers. This isn't anything against children this is purely because that is not the home Storm requires. We hope you understand.


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