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Coco and Fudge

Coco and Fudge are two lady buns!! They are very good friends and enjoy each others company! Both buns are around 5 years old, and still a bit timid around humans. They have settled reasonably well in the sanctuary with the constant routine of things helping. Fudge does now enjoy a little head rub now and again, however Coco is still not so sure. If these girls were to go home, it would take them quite a while to settle. A quiet home is what they…

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Hazel and Meg

Meet Hazel and Meg!! Hazel and Meg are two female piggies at approximately 1 year old! They are very good friends and enjoy each others company! Hazel is a brown/brindle color and Meg is a black and white piggy with little honey colored splodges! Hazel is a little braver than Meg would be, but both pigs do take some amount of time to settle in. Tasty veggies are the best way to win these girlies over, and they both really enjoy investigating new…

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Paddy Male 8 years Dogs - No Cats - Under assessment Children - older teens / adult home

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7 Year old Female    HOUSECAT Cats No   Dogs No   Children No   Experienced Cat owner    

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Cassidy Female 2-3 years Dogs - No Cats - No

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18 months old female   Cats under assessment   Dogs Yes   Children Yes

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Bo female 2 years Dogs - No Cats - No Experiencd cat owner

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Amber, Alfie & Aurther

Amber is reserved Amber - Female 11 weeks - Tabby (timid) Cats - Yes Dogs - yes Alfie & Aurther - Male 11 weeks (timid and to be homed together) Cats - yes Dogs - yes

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Izzy Female 5 years Dogs - No Cats - No Mature family

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Stitch Male 5 years Cats - no Dogs - no Mature family

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