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This stunning big guy is Rogue. Rogue is approx 5 yrs old and is FIV +. Rogue is a super affectionate boy who would happily curl up on your lap for a wee sleep. Rogue is very limited as to which type of home he could go to due to his FIV, best case scenario would be a home with an outdoor enclosure and no other cats. He would not be suitable to have access to outdoors unless in an enclosure and he is also not suitable to live with other cats. Rogue…

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This little rascal is Kora. Kora is approx 9 wks and she has bundles of character. Kora favourite game is splashing about in her water dish. Kora is a very friendly little girl who would love a home to call her own. Kora will need suncream applied to her ears and her little nose when the sun is out to protect her from sun damage due to having white ears and nose.

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This pretty princess is Holly. Holly is approx 9 months old and seeking a home with no other animals and no very young children. Holly is a very affectionate girl who loves being stroked and made a fuss over

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Parker, Pip and Piper

These beautiful kitties are Parker, Pip and Piper and they are approx 10 wks old. They are brother and sisters and are seeking quiet homes due to their shy natures. Parker will require daily grooming to ensure his lovely long hair is kept matt free. These little ones will need a little more socialisation and would be best suited to a home with no young children and no dogs

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This pretty little lady is Edwina. Edwina is approx 8 wks old and she is seeking her forever home. Edwina is a very playful, friendly little girl

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Jeffrey and Jook

These gorgeous brothers are Jeffrey and Jook and they are approx 5/6 months old. Jeffrey and Jook have a very close bond so we would love them to go to a new home together. They are both very affectionate but can be shy initially

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This little guy is Mac. Mac is approx 18 wks old and is a real little live wire. Mac would be best suited to a home with no very young children due to his boisterous nature and no dogs. Mac is an affectionate boy who loves to play

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This pretty girl is Canderel. Canderel is approx 7 months old and is a lab x. She is a very friendly girl but can be boisterous. She would be best suited to an active family with calm children 12+ . Canderel can be unsure of new and younger dogs but seems happier with settled older larger dogs.

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This pretty lady is Angie. Angie is approx 2-3yrs and she is seeking a quiet home to call her own. Angie is a very Independant girl who would prefer a home with no young children and no other animals.

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Kovo has been reserved. Kovo is approx 5 yrs old and he is a Pomeranian. Kovo is a very excitable boy who knows his own mind. He requires a home who have experience with similar breeds as he needs a lot of work on his handling as he gets very over excited so will need training to correct this. He is seeking an adult home only

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