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This little rascal is Greyson. Greyson is a lurcher x and is approx 9 wks. He is a very playful little guy with plenty of love to give

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This cute little lady is Pixel. Pixel is approx 9 wks old and is a lurcher x. Pixel is a very excitable little girl with lots of love to give.

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Simone, Sissy, Susie and Sukie

These sisters are Simone, Sissy, Susie and Sukie. They are approx 10 wks old and seeking their new homes. They are all very friendly little girls who just love to play

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Ryan, Ross and Robbie

This is Ryan, Ross and Robbie. These little brothers are approx 11 wks old and seeking homes to call their own. They are very friendly, playful little boys.

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This little guy is Patch. Patch is approx 14 wks and seeking his forever home. Patch arrived at the Sanctuary with a growth on his left eye and unfortunately the vet had to remove his eye. Patch has a very timid little nature and is seeking a quiet home with a safe garden

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Cash and Comfort

This is brother and sister Cash and Comfort. They are approx 10 wks old and seeking their forever home. They are both a little bit shy initially but very playful little kittens

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This gorgeous boy is Tiggy. Tiggy is approx 1 year old and seeking a home to call his own. Tiggy is a very friendly, sociable guy who loves attention

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This pretty girl is Willow. Willow is approx 2 yrs old and seeking a nice quiet home. Willow is a sweet girl but can be shy initially

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This handsome boy is Tobie. Tobie is approx 2 yrs old and seeking his forever home. Tobie is quite a friendly chap who loves to be stroked

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Yanni is approx 1 yr old and a collie spaniel x. He's a very lively playful guy. He's a friendly and affectionate boy who will need an active family.

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