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Jolene and Jaxx

Mother and son - bonded pair and need to be homed together Jolene - 2 years approx Jaxx - 18 weeks Children - teenage children Dogs - no Cats - no

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Memphis and Tennesse

Bonded brother and sister - Need to be homed together Age - 14 weeks Children - yes Dogs - yes (as long as the dog has lived with cats before)

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Just a reminder folks that our Summer Sale & BBQ this Saturday is fast approaching 🌭🍔

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Rocky and Wednesday

Rocky and Wednesday are two lovely buns. Rocky is a 3 year old neutered male bun, harlequin in colour. Wednesday is a 2 year old female bun, black and white in colour. These two are sweet buns, nervous to begin with, but after settling in to a good routine and getting used to new people, their confidence should grow. Rocky and Wednesday have been checked over by our vets and are both in good health. These buns…

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Merlin is now reserved  Merlin has only recently been admitted to the sanctuary, and came into us in a very smelly, dirty, small Guinea Pig cage. He is such a sweet pleasant little bun, who seems to love head rubs already. Merlin is approximately 4/5 years old. He likes to mooch about, but enjoys your company also. Merlin is an entire male, who is going…

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Hamish is a recently neutered 2-3 year old male bun. He has yet to receive his 2nd vaccination and as he is still healing from his neuter, he needs to do 'his time'. He will not be available for bonding until he is ready, there-fore he will remain at the sanctuary. Hamish was admitted as a stray bun, as he was found roaming some gardens, and unfortunately no owner has come forward. He is a ginger/fawn colour.…

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Steve and Jessica

Steve is one of our long term resident buns, who has been here since 2012 ! Steve is an approximately 6 year old neutered male bun. Steve is unfortunately blind, however, this does not stop him from exploring and getting about. Steve needs to be kept in the same area, with level ground, so no hutches. Previously paired with Ella bun, who unfortunately passed away last year, he had been on his own for 6 months.…

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**Alice has been reserved** Alice is a black and white spotted female bun at approximately 2 years old. She is a feisty character, however we have found her weakness.. Head Rubs!! She loves to explore and claim everything as her own with multiple chin rubs! Alice loves her food, be it…

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Fester and Lily

Fester and Lily are two very loved up piggies!!  Fester is mostly tan/ginger with a black face and white blaze. Lily is a mixture of white, tan and chocolate brown. They have been out of the sanctuary before, however, unfortunately they did not end up bonding well with the heard they were intended to live with, as Lily made it perfectly clear that Fester is HER man!!! Fester is nearly a year old now and…

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Coco and Brownie

Meet Coco and Brownie, two fairly new Guinea residents at Assisi. Whilst they are both similar in colour, Coco has smooth hair, and Brownie has some spiky hair going up her back!! They are both approximately 2 years old, and are not too used to being handled. Coco will let you stroke her in her accommodation, whilst Brownie is a little nervous and will run away. It hasn't taken them too long to settle into a…

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