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Meet Jax!! A big 2 year old handsome chap looking for a friend to live with as he is quite lonely! He is neutered and has had his months waiting period, so is now ready to be mixed. He adores his food, and lets you know that you aren't cutting his cabbage quick enough!! As seen in the picture, this is what Jax loves to do! He doesn't want a hidey house, or a wooden bridge to sit under.. He loves to borrow under his blankets!! It took us a while to…

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Here we have 7 month old Domino!! A very sweet little lady with a crazy hairstyle!! Domino is a longhair which means her coat will need regular grooming to stop matts and tatts! She is a little bit nervous but is full of attitude!! Domino needs a little more work on being comfortable with being lifted. She can have a little nibble now and again, so watch the fingers!! When Domino has been cleaned out in the morning, she likes to race about and popcorn…

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Fringe and Custard

These two adorable girls are looking for their forever home! The two are appropriately named  Fringe is a beautiful long hair, which means her coat will need to maintained! Custard is a fuzzy pig with zigzagging whiskers! Both are very timid until the settle into a routine…

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  Lovely Nerissa is around 10 years old. She has a beautiful tabby and white coat with some ginger patches through it. She is very friendly and still playful for her age. She has limited sight in one eye but she likes to go out and explore so would like limited access to a safe garden. She likes…

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Custard and Fringe

Custard and Fringe are now reserved These two adorable girls are appropriately named! Fringe is a beautiful long-hair, which means her coat will need to be well maintained. Custard is a fuzzy pig with zigzagging whiskers. Both can be timid until they settle in to a routine and get to know you but they are getting much better with being lifted and sitting on your lap for a stroke. This will still…

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Rabbit of the week! Soya is a 2 year old male, and this gorgeous boy is looking for a lady friend and a home to call his own! He is a white and brown Dutch rabbit with one blue eye and one brown eye. He is a sweet boy who likes to sit in the sun most of the day and relax. He can be a little timid but with time he comes out of his shell. If you think you can give this beautiful boy a loving…

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Evening at the Tudor Cinema

The Ards and Bangor Support Group are holding another of the very popular Cinema evenings at The Tudor Cinema in Comber on Tuesday 21 November.  Evening starts at 7.30pm with light refreshments followed by the film - A Street Cat Named Bob. Watch this space for tickets becoming available -  nearer the event date.

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Spook and Pumpkin

Spook and Pumpkin are now rehomed Spook and Pumpkin! Two girlies only recently admitted to the sanctuary these two are quite nervous, they will be assessed better over the next couple of days when they start to settle. They are lovely little buns who are both due to be spayed and get their first vaccination which will be done at the sanctuary. Spook is all black with a white snip on her nose and…

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Lemmy is now rehomed Lemmy is a 1 year old neutered male with all his vaccinations up to date! Lemmy can be a little nervous of new people but once he gets to know you he is quite a boisterous bun! He likes to explore new areas, and he can also be a little nippy when feeding him sweeties, so fingers need to be kept out of the way!! Lemmy is looking for a spacious home, indoor or outdoor, with…

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 Griffin is now reserved Griffin is an approximately 10 month old, neutered male bun with all his vaccinations up to date! Griffin is quite a shy bun until he gets to know you, and once he does he quite enjoys a little pet! He also becomes quite confident and will bounce around your feet! He loves to investigate so you must be vigilant…

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