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Carly and Charlie

These black beauties are Carly and Charlie. Carly is approx 10 yrs old and Charlie is approx 11 yrs old and they are both FIV +. Carly and Charlie are seeking an indoor only home together that they can laze about without a care in the world. They are both very friendly cats that love attention. They CANNOT have access to outdoors due to having FIV. If you feel you could offer a home to these sweet little cats please contact us on 02891 812622

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Honey is now reserved. This pretty little lady is Honey. Honey is approx 5/6 months and she is a lab x. Honey is a very happy pup who is eager to please. She is super friendly and loves her walks. Honey would need a home in which she will get plenty of exercise and more training on basic manners etc.

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Alfie and Archie

These beautiful boys are Alfie and Archie and they are Yorkie's. They are both 4 yrs old and are the best of friends. Alfie and Archie can be shy initially but are very friendly once they get to know you. We would love these boys to be rehomed together as they have such a close bond.

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This cute little guy is Danny. Danny is approx 14 wks old and he is seeking a home to call his own. Danny is a very friendly little guy who loves to play. Danny would be best suited to a home with access to outdoors once he's older and he is used to bring around children.

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Lucky and Eddie

These two best buddies are Lucky and Eddie. Lucky is approx 10 yrs old and Eddie is approx 4 yrs old. They are both friendly little boys once they get to know you and they have a very special bond with each other. They would be best suited to a home with access to a safe garden once they have settled.

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Charlie and Stella

These little cuties are Charlie and Stella. Charlie is approx 8 yrs old and Stella is approx 7 yrs old and they are shihtzu's. They have both just arrived today (thurs 29/01) and are quite nervous. On initial assessment we feel they would be best suited to a home together and with no children.

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Chester is now reserved. This little guy is Chester. Chester is approx 1 yr old and is a shihtzu x pug. Chester is a friendly, energetic boy who loves toys and getting out for walks. Chester can be shy until he gets to know you and he would be fine with kids 5 yrs +.

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Charlie is now rehomed. This magnificent boy is Charlie. Charlie is approx 1-2 yrs old and he's got the most beautiful set of whiskers. Charlie is a very friendly guy who loves attention. Charlie would be best suited to a home with no other cats and access to outdoors once he has settled.

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Holly is now reserved. This cheeky little madam is Holly. Holly is approx 8 wks old and she is a terrier x. Holly is a very friendly, excitable pup but she will need all aspects of puppy training. She is a sweet little girl with lots of love to give.

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Henry is now reserved. This little guy is Henry. Henry is approx 8 wks old and he is a terrier x. Henry currently has a skin condition which is being treated but it doesn't seem to bother him. Henry can be quite a nervous little pup so he will need time to settle in his new home.

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