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Fudge and Oreo

Fudge and Oreo are two newly admitted pigs to the sanctuary! They are both neutered pigs looking for their forever home. These two are very nervous and would benefit from a very quiet home with someone who is willing to spend time with them to help gain their confidence. Both piggies enjoy their food and do enjoy investigating, but prefer it to be super quiet before they come out from their hidey houses. As they…

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  😽Hi there! Look at me! 😽 My name is Francine! I am 18 months and…

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George and Sheldon

George and Sheldon are now reserved Curious George and Sassy Sheldon! Two big beautiful 2 year old male Guinea Piggies looking for their forever home! Only recently admitted George and Sheldon will be having a vet visit, and they will be neutered. Both these piggies have great personalities and enjoy sitting on your lap being petted! As these two boys both…

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Walter is now rehomed Hi! I am Walter. I would love a home to call my own with no other cats because I like to be the centre of attention. I am 6 years old and crave human company because I like to talk.      

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Crystal and Pickles

Crystal and Pickles are now rehomed These two lovely girls are sisters, and they are 3 years old. Two very beautiful girls, they can both be a little shy at first but soon come around and love their cuddles! They love their grub and both get excited to see their food coming towards them! They are very bonded, where you will find one you…

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  Well hello there everybody! My name is Sam, although some of my carers here call me big Sam..... as you can see i could do with losing some weight! i am around three years old and full of life. I am a happy chap and i just love people, however I only like cuddles on my own terms. I would much prefer to live in a home with adults and teenagers as those small versions of humans are a bit too much for me. I would also love to be the only pet…

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Bambi has now been rehomed   Hi all, aren't i just the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen? My name is Bambi and i am three years old. I am  Labrador cross and i have lots of love to give. I can be a bit silly when i am out on walks but its only because i get so excited at the prospect of getting out. I will need some training and work on my manners. I just love cuddles…

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Charlie is now rehomed Hey everybody, those bat ears belong to me! I'm Charlie. I am an 18 month old pug cross! I am finding life here at the kennels very stressful and i just really wish i could find my new forever home. I love the company of people but I can be a bit scared of the younger humans. I will need some work on my manners but i just love learning so i am sure you will have taught me…

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Hi Everyone, I'm Bailey, a 14-month old Terrier X. I am a hyper boy and i just love, love,love to bounce! i could bounce all day long but sometimes i forget where i am going and i could accidentally knock over a child. I will need firm boundaries set in the home. I am a handsome chap and the lady dogs love me, i could live with a lady dog but not another male. I could not live with a cat as i would be liable to chase it and although that would be…

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Skye is now rehomed Hello, I'm Skye and I am a Collie X. I am around one year old and i just love to play. I can be quite shy at first when meeting new humans, especially the male kind. I love going for walks and playing with my new friends that i have made at the sanctuary. I would benefit from further socialization around other dogs and humans. I could live with the younger humans as…

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