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Cat of the week!!

Nova Hello people, my name is Nova and I am a very friendly cat. I am around 18months and I been told I am quite a looker. I love exploring the world and I am seeking for a home that I could have an access to the garden once fully settled. I am not great at sharing and I love my space so I would love a home as an only pet…

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Hugo is now rehomed  ZzZzZz *Yawn* my name is Hugo.... I am very special boy and I need to be homed as a housecat only. I am a total love bug.. I love nothing more than being held and fussed over. The staff here carry me about and call me their baby.. I find his very confusing as I am a cat and they are a people? 🙀 I could potently be homed with other animals but I feel that…

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Nina is now rehomed Hello! As you can see I am having a nice lie in today. The staff here have just finished giving me a nice brush. My name is Nina by the way and I am 2 year old. I was found as a stray, very kind people brought me to Assisi.I have a baby face so if you want to meet me you will find me in the kitten unit. I would love a home as an only pet and once I fully settle I…

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Nova is now rehomed My name is Nova im 18 months old and i am a super girl. I am fairly new in to the sanctuary so i am still settling in to sanctuary life. I like to chat if you call my name. Come up and have a chat with me sometime. Assisi is open tuesday -sunday 11-3 for rehoming.

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7 dwarfs terrier pupies

***All these pups are now reserved*** We currently have seven terrier cross puppies available for rehoming at the sanctuary! There is 2 female and 5 male pups available. Please note that all applications for these puppies will be taken on a first come first serve basis. We cannot hold any animal over the phone all bookings must be made in person at the sanctuary.   Our rehoming times are…

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Dotty is now rehomed Hi there, my name is Dotty and I am around three years old. I am a collie cross but don't let that put you off I am quite small. I enjoy spending quality time with the staff here as you can see I love cuddles. I could potentially live with another dog but we would have to meet first, I could also live with children who are used to dogs. I can be shy initially but if you spend…

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Baxter is now rehomed Hi guys, my name is Baxter and I am a three year old German Pointer cross. I have not been at this place very long so the staff are still getting to know me. I love people and enjoy spending quality time with the staff here. I am a little under weight but the staff here are working hard to help me put weight on which is brilliant because I just love food. I am quite…

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Ghost and Pumpkin

Guinea Pigs of the week! Say Hello to Ghost and Pumpkin! Two newly admitted Guinea Piggies to the sanctuary! These guys are both neutered male piggies and are very bonded with each other. I'm sure you can tell who is who, but just for clarification! Ghost is the white long haired piggy and Pumpkin is the Long curly haired Black piggy, with a big splodge of…

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Bones and Yikes

Bones and Yikes are now rehomed! Meet Bones and Yikes! Two newly admitted Chinchillas to the sanctuary. They are both male Chinchillas, and very much bonded with each other, so must not be separated. Bones is the white Chin, whilst Yikes is the Grey Chin. We do not have an exact age on these Chins, however they are definitely an older pair. These guys would…

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Cats of the week!!

Hello everyone my name is Melody and I’m looking for my forever home with my sister Maria. We are both 5months old tabby domesticated short…

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