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Regan and Ember

Regan and Ember are now rehomed   Meet Regan and Ember! These two ladies have only recently been paired together, as originally we were to pair a female and a male together. However, Regan made it perfectly clear that she does not appreciate male company, and so, little Ember was paired with her instead!…

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Pippin and Smudge

Meet Pippin and Smudge! Two neutered male mini lops full of fun and mischief! Pippin is the white bun whilst Smudge is the white and ginger bun! These two do enjoy each others company, but if stressed can argue until they are settled in a new atmosphere. These two love to investigate, and if a door is left slightly ajar you may expect them to go through it and explore!!! Both buns love a good head rub, and will…

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Guinea Pigs

We have Guinea Pigs available for re-homing, male and female. Some of the males have been neutered and are nearing the end of their neuter wait, the unneutered males are not yet up for adoption. We will be looking to pair the females we have with the males that are ready to be mixed, however we would be happy to let some be re-homed if you have a pig in need of a companion. Please…

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Poppy & Lewis

Poppy & Lewis are now reserved  Louis is a Brown/Brindle large Lop at approximately 5 years old Poppy is a large Grey French Lop at approximately 3 years old. They enjoy eating together and grooming each other. As they are large rabbits, a good amount of space will be needed for them to be able to hop and run about! Preferably these two would have…

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Owen Denvir sings for Assisi

Owen Denvir an Assisi supporter and very talented musician has written and produced a song for Christmas with all proceeds coming to Assisi. What a talented young man. Thank you Owen from everyone at Assisi. Enjoy the song and the video. It's available on online stores and streaming services. Here are the links All stores/streaming landing page ►

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   10+ plus years old female, needs a quiet home with older children due to health issues.      

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Sabrina is now rehomed Good afternoon my name is Sabrina and I am 14 weeks old.. the staff here tell me I’m very pretty and photogenic. I am a very loving girl but I can be shy and I would really like a quiet Home to call my own.

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Mortimer and Mackenzie

Mortimer & Mackenzie are now rehomed Ohhh hello my names Mortimer and I am 15 weeks old.. I was just having a snuggle with brother Mackenzie. We came to Assisi with our Mum Myrtle and our sister Minnie. We moved into the Kitten unit and our sister got her furrever home and we are still waiting for ours... we love each other soooo much that we need to be rehomed together.

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Jack and Sally

Jack and Sally are now rehomed Good afternoon my name is Jack (Ginger) and you might be able to see my sister Sally (tortie and white)we are 4-5 months old, not quite sure as we were found as strays.. she is a great pillow

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Buster is now rehomed My name is Buster, I am 8 years old. I would like to ask all of you lovely people who are looking for a companion if I could be the one for you ? I am a housecat who loves strokes, cuddles and kisses. The staff here love me they say I am super lovely, I am on long term heart medication but this does not stop me being a love bug. If you would like to meet me the sanctuary…

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