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8 years old female .No cats. Experienced cat owner    

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Mittens is now rehomed 😻 Meet Mittens! She is 1 and half years old and is shy initially but when she gets to know you she is very friendly. She will need a semi quiet home to call her own. She does not like other cats or dogs and would only suit a home with teenage children.

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 Elliott is now rehomed This handsome boy is Elliott! Elliott is a distinguished 9 year old gent who will require a nice quiet home. He loves nothing more than kisses and head massages and does a little happy dance with his feet. He absolutely loves his his grub too! Elliott would like a very quiet family with older children/teenagers. He does not like dogs and is currently under assessment…

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Sheba has been rehomed Meet Sheba! Sheba is 4 years old and super friendly... Once she gets to know you. She would like access to a safe garden with a quiet home. Sheba would prefer a home with older children and she does not get on well with other cats or dogs. If you are interested in rehoming, please call up to the sanctuary and fill in a rehoming form. The sanctuary is open Tuesday-Sunday…

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 Owen is now rehomed 😻House cat😻 This stunning red head is Owen! He is 5 years old and will now need to live an indoor life as he has tested *FIV positive* he will also require a lot of grooming due to being semi-long-haired. As you can see, he has had to be shaved as he was in a very matted state when he arrived at…

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Pippa is now rehomed Meet Pippa! Age: 7 months. Breed: Collie X. Gender: female. Other dogs: yes. Cats: possibly. Children: 8+. This lovely girl is Pippa! She is a little shy at first, but very friendly and loves a cuddle! Please visit Assisi if you would be interested in rehoming Pippa.

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 Toot is now rehomed This gorgeous boy is Toot, a 10 year old Yorkie X. This elderly gent would make a fantastic companion pet and would need somebody who is willing to give him plenty of time to settle in. He could possibly go with other dogs but not with cats. Children in the house would…

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Roland is now rehomed Say hello to the handsome Roland! He is 2 years old. He can be a little shy at first but is very loving once he gets to know you, especially if you have dreamies. He does not like other cats or dogs and if he is going to a family the children would need to be 10+.

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Diva is now rehomed This beautiful girl is 😻Diva😻 she is a little shy at first but when she gets to know you she is very friendly therefore will need a quiet home to call her own. She is 6 years old and strictly a house cat. She can not live with other cats or dogs and children would need to be 16+.

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 Shelley is now rehomed Meet Shelley! Snug as a bug🐛 in a rug... This beautiful girl is Shelly and is 10+. She is a very affectionate, loving girl who purrs all day long. She is currently on medication for her heart but this does not affect this happy girl. She would be suited to an adult only home with no other cats and dogs.

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