Say hello to Kyla! She is 5-6 years old. She will require an experienced cat owner as she can be a little independent. She does not like other cats or dogs and would be best suited to an adult only home.

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Lester and Jago

Meet Lester and Jago! ***Rural Area Required*** These handsome brothers are Lester and Jago and they are 6 years old. They are VERY friendly boys and are practically joined at the hip. Jago loves to play and loves his ear rubs. Lester is every bit the lap cat and loves nothing more than snuggles.. They are very bonded brothers and must remain together. They would prefer an adult home with no dogs and no other cats.  If you are interested in…

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Meet Shelley! Snug as a bug🐛 in a rug... This beautiful girl is Shelly and is 10+. She is a very affectionate, loving girl who purrs all day long. She is currently on medication for her heart but this does not affect this happy girl. She would be suited to an adult only home with no other cats and dogs.

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Meet Freesia! When it's cold, wet and windy outside there's nothing nicer than being warm and cosy having a clean... this is Freesia and she is 18 months old. She is a very friendly and affectionate girl. She will need a quiet adult only home to call her own with no other cats or dogs.

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This stunning girl is Misty.. she is 10 months old. She was knocked down by a car in November and had her back right leg broken. She has only recently had the pins removed. She needs limited exercise to ensure her leg heals properly. She is VERY friendly and purrs all day long. She loves sitting on your lap getting lots of attention. Children: 6+. Other cats: No. Dogs: No. **Please noted she can only be re homed to a RURAL AREA.**

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Meet Alexa! Alexa is a sweet girl who likes strokes on her terms. Alexa will need a quiet home with an experienced cat owner. Age : 5 Years. Sex : Female. Breed/Colour : Black. Children : No. Dogs : No. Cats : No. Access to outdoors : Yes.

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Leo and Levi

  Meet Leo and Levi! Leo and Levi are very playful and lively youngsters! They are looking for their forever home. Age : 4 months old. Sex : Male. Breed/Colour : Black And white. Children : 8yrs+. Dogs : yes. Cats : no. Access to outdoors : no.

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 Smokey is now reserved Meet Smokey! Smokey is a lively, playful little guy! Smokey will need an experienced cat owner. Age : 5 months old. Sex : Male. Breed/Colour : Black. Children : 10yrs+. Dogs : No. Cats : Possibly. Access to outdoors : Yes.

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Meet Mindy! Mindy is a shy, timid little girl so she will need a quiet home. Mindy is very affectionate once she gets to know you. Age : 2 years old. Sex : Female. Breed/Colour : Black and White. Children : 12yrs+. Dogs : No. Cats : No. Access to outdoors : Yes.

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Meet T.J! T.J. is a friendly boy who loves human company. Age : 2 years. Sex : Male. Breed/Colour : Black & White. Children : 12yrs+. Dogs : Possibly. Cats : No. Access to  Outdoors : Yes.

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