Casper and Wendy

7 Month old Brother and Sister   Rehome Together   Cats Yes   Dogs Yes   Mature Family

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5 years old Male   Cats  No   Dogs No   Mature Family

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***RESERVED***   6 Years old female Cats  No Dogs No Mature family  Yes

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Fergus and Finlay

Fergus Black male Finlay tabby and white Age - 4 and half months Children - older Cats - yes Dog - dogs that have had experience with cats

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Scampi Black and White semi long hair Female Age 11 Scampi will need a quiet adult only home Dogs - no Cats - no

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8 Year old Female    Cats No   Dogs No   Mature Family  Experienced cat owner

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***RESERVED*** 5 Years old female, Blue cream Tortoiseshell, Mature Family, Cats  No, Dogs No, Medication  Yes details on request

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Laurel - Black and white - Female Age - 2-3 years Laurel will need a mature home Cats - no Dogs - no

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Stormzy - grey male Age 5 Stormzy would suit a quiet home with a mature family Cats - yes - the same age or younger. Dogs - No

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Kitty - Black and white female Age 12 Kitty will need a quiet home with no other animals.

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