2 years old male.  

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6 years old male.  

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  18 Months old female.

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8 years old female.    

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9 years old male.  

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5 years old male.    

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Checkers and Chica

  2 years old male and female . home together

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Molly & Ebony

Molly is 8 and Ebony is 4 both female. home together. experienced cat owners.  

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In Praise of Adult Cats

Are you considering getting a pet cat..? Why not consider an adult cat..? Cute little kittens are always on everyone's minds, but have you spared a thought for all the unwanted adult cats? We currently have over 50 adult cats here at Assisi looking for homes. Recently most of the interest has been in the kittens and our adult cats are not finding new homes as quickly as we would like. For this reason we are finding it difficult to help more…

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