Name : Rocky Age : 6 years old Sex : Male Breed/Colour : Black and White Children : 12yrs+ Dogs : No Cats : No Access to outdoors : Yes Rocky is a shy little guy but he is very affectionate once he gets to know you.

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This lovely boy is Snowball, a 4 year old male. He is mostly white with beautiful tabby markings on his ears and tail! Snowball loves to lounge around in the sun and watch the world go by. He also likes to hang out with you and watch what you are doing!  He enjoys strokes and affection but can be an independent boy. He could live with older teens that have had experience with independent…

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Checkers and Chica

Hello!! Our names are Checkers and Chica and we are around 2years old. We came into the sanctuary over a year ago as young cats but sadly no one came forward for us as yet. We are very shy couple of cats especially Chica. We are seeking quiet and understanding home in quiet area so once we settled in our new home we could have an access to outdoors. We could easily share home with another cats but we are not so sure about those big, loud things called…

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Molly & Ebony

Molly is 8 years old.   She needs a quiet home possibly with other cats.   Molly doesn't like to be handled so her new owner would have to understand this and not force contact.  She would not be good with children or dogs.    Molly will need a long time to settle in as she has no experience of a home environment and eventually access to the outdoors.  Molly has become good friends with another cat, Ebony so they will need to be rehomed together…

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In Praise of Adult Cats

Are you considering getting a pet cat..? Why not consider an adult cat..? Cute little kittens are always on everyone's minds, but have you spared a thought for all the unwanted adult cats? We currently have over 50 adult cats here at Assisi looking for homes. Recently most of the interest has been in the kittens and our adult cats are not finding new homes as quickly as we would like. For this reason we are finding it difficult to help more…

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