Hello, hi and good evening my name is Brillo! Can you guess why? It's because I am brilliant of course! And handsome and smart and did I say handsome?! I am around two years old and I am a terrier cross! I love toys and food and I also love ME! I can be a stubborn boy so I will need firm boundaries set in my new home! I would prefer to be the only pet in the house as I do not like to share all my glory! I would prefer a home with older humans and…

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Peach is now reserved Oh hello there, my name is Peach and I am around three years old. I am a very nervous girl and I am only just starting to trust humans. I am really looking for a compassionate owner who can help me discover the joys of this world. I could possibly live with another more confident dog as this might help me to become more confident. I enjoy being out in the sunshine!…

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Oh hello there, I've just been sunbathing! My name is Ginny and I am 18months old. I am a sheltie X. I am a quiet girl looking for a quiet home to call my own. I can be quite shy initially but once I get to know you all I'll want to do is sit on your knee! I could live with another dog, in fact I quite enjoy their company! I'm not sure if I've ever met a cat so I feel it would be better if there are no cats in my new home. I would like to live with…

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Ronald is now reserved Well what a beautiful day it is today! Oh excuse me I should have introduced myself! My name is Ronald and I am around two years old! I am a male sheltie X. I just love cuddles in fact I would love to cosy up beside you on the sofa and watch the world go by! I enjoy my walks and I also enjoy socialising with other dogs! As you can see my beautiful locks will require…

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Well hello there everybody! My name is Sam, although some of my carers here call me big Sam..... as you can see i could do with losing some weight! i am around three years old and full of life. I am a happy chap and i just love people, however I only like cuddles on my own terms. I would much prefer to live in a home with adults and teenagers as those small versions of humans are a bit too much for me. I would also love to be the only pet in the…

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Hi all, aren't i just the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen? My name is Bambi and i am three years old. I am  Labrador cross and i have lots of love to give. I can be a bit silly when i am out on walks but its only because i get so excited at the prospect of getting out. I will need some training and work on my manners. I just love cuddles and spending quality time with my carers hear so i would love to live with…

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Hey everybody, those bat ears belong to me! I'm Charlie. I am an 18 month old pug cross! I am finding life here at the kennels very stressful and i just really wish i could find my new forever home. I love the company of people but I can be a bit scared of the younger humans. I will need some work on my manners but i just love learning so i am sure you will have taught me lots of new things in no time. I could live with another dog, but it would…

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Hi Everyone, I'm Bailey, a 14-month old Terrier X. I am a hyper boy and i just love, love,love to bounce! i could bounce all day long but sometimes i forget where i am going and i could accidentally knock over a child. I will need firm boundaries set in the home. I am a handsome chap and the lady dogs love me, i could live with a lady dog but not another male. I could not live with a cat as i would be liable to chase it and although that would be…

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Hello, I'm Skye and I am a Collie X. I am around one year old and i just love to play. I can be quite shy at first when meeting new humans, especially the male kind. I love going for walks and playing with my new friends that i have made at the sanctuary. I would benefit from further socialization around other dogs and humans. I could live with the younger humans as i love to play. I am looking for an active home with lots of love to give…

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Dog of the week! Hi, I'm Marley, a 5 year old Jack Russell. I have had a few different homes over the years but i am really hopeful that this next one will be my forever home. I would like to live with a family who going for walks but equally enjoy cuddles. I have some issues with one of my legs but these kind people at Assisi will pay for my medication for that. I could live with…

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