Pippa is now reserved Meet Pippa! Age: 7 months. Breed: Collie X. Gender: female. Other dogs: yes. Cats: possibly. Children: 8+. This lovely girl is Pippa! She is a little shy at first, but very friendly and loves a cuddle! Please visit Assisi if you would be interested in rehoming Pippa.

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Meet Toot! Age: 10 years+. Breed: Yorkie X. Gender: male. Other dogs: possibly. Cats: no. Children: older, teens. This older guy is Toot. He has a few little quirks but would make a fantastic companion pet.

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Dog of the week! Max is now reserved Meet Max! Age: 5yrs. Breed: Labrador X. Sex: male. Kids: yes (if they are experienced with large dogs). Dogs: yes. Cats: no. Max is a lovely big boy full of energy and love. He will need an active family as he just loves his walks. Max is great with other dogs and just loves to play. Max is a very…

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Dakota is now reserved Meet Dakota! Dakota is friendly, lively and very playful! She is looking for her forever home. Age: 2 years. Breed: spaniel X. Gender: female. Dogs: under assessment. Cats: no. Children: 8+.

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 Tink is now reserved Meet Tink! Age: 2 years. Dogs: No. Cats: No. Children: 12+. Tink is a bouncy, energetic girl who would be best suited to an active person or family as she loves going for long walks. Tink requires further socialisation around dogs so is seeking a home with an experienced dog owner willing to continue her training.

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 Toby is now reserved Meet Toby! He is a friendly, lively boy looking for a loving home. Age: 1 year. Breed: Collie X. Other dogs: yes. Cats: no. Children: 6+.

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Trigger and Sophie

  Trigger and Sophie, aged 5, are looking for a very special home. Trigger is blind and Sophie is his best friend. She always helps him out if he gets stuck, although he is very good at remembering where everything is. They need an adult only home with experienced owners as Trigger can get startled easily. They would like a safe garden to potter about in although they love their walks. if you…

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 Teddy is now reserved Teddy is a Terrier X Age: 10 years Sex: male Kids: Teens Dogs: Possibly Cats: Possibly Teddy has not been at the sanctuary long and is still currently under assessment. Teddy is seeking a quiet retirement home where he can have as much love as he deserves.

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  Name Rosie Age 2 years old Sex Female Breed Spaniel X Children Experienced older children Other dogs No Cats No Rosie is a sweet girl who loves human company so she would need someone who is at home most of the time. Rosie loves to play fetch and she will need an experienced dog owner willing to further her training.

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A Special Home Required for Gizmo

We are looking for a special long-term foster home for one of our resident dogs. Gizmo is five years old and a terrier cross who does not like other animals or children. Gizmo was abandoned by his owner after they were evicted; it was three weeks before the Housing Executive found him in their property. During this time he survived by drinking…

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