Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry!

All these pups are now reserved Pippin is now rehomed These lovely labrador cross puppies are looking for loving homes. Age: 10 weeks. Breed: Labrador X. Other dogs: Possibly. Cats: Possibly. Children: Possibly.

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Toby is now reserved Meet Toby! He is a friendly, lively boy looking for a loving home. Age: 1 year. Breed: Collie X. Other dogs: yes. Cats: no. Children: 6+.

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Trigger and Sophie

Dogs of the week! Trigger and Sophie, aged 5, are looking for a very special home. Trigger is blind and Sophie is his best friend. She always helps him out if he gets stuck, although he is very good at remembering where everything is. They need an adult only home with experienced owners as Trigger can get startled easily. They would like a safe garden to potter about in although they…

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Bella is now reserved Age: 5 yrs. Breed: St Bernard. Sex: Female. Dogs: Yes. Cats: Unknown. Children: Yes. This gentle giant is Bella! Bella is a perfect example of her breed. She is an easy going lady that loves everyone and enjoys her comfort. But don't let that fool you she is also a great athlete!

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Lola is now reserved Age: 10 months. Breed: Red Pug x. Sex: Female. Dogs: Yes. Cats: Unknown. Children: 6yrs+. This lovely lady is Lola! Lola is very energetic and full of character.  She adores human company and going out on walks. Lola will require continuation of her basic training.

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  Age: 18 months. Breed: Newfound Collie x. Sex: Male. Dogs: Yes. Cats: Yes. Children: 10+ (used to large dogs) Harvey is playfull boy who doesn't seem to know his size, he loves long walks and playing with toys. He will sit and give you his paw if you ask him. He will need someone who is experienced with large breeds as he can be quite stubborn. Harvey would not be able to go to a home with…

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Age: 9 months. Breed: Lurcher x. Sex: Male. Dogs: Yes. Cats: No. Children: 10yrs + (used to large dogs). This lovely chap is full of energy and fun. He adores walks and human company, he will follow you everywhere you go. He could be rehomed with another laid back dog but he can be nervous of energetic dogs.  Franqo will need more work on his basic training and manners.

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Anya is now reserved Meet Anya  (the mummy of the Game of Thrones puppies) Age: 2 years Sex: Female Breed: Cavalier x Ok with dogs: under assessment Cats: under assessment Children:  teenagers + Anya is very nervous but friendly once gets to know you.  She will need time to bond and confidence building in her new home. For more information on Anya or any of the animals listed please contact…

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 Teddy is now reserved Teddy is a Terrier X Age: 10 years Sex: male Kids: Teens Dogs: Possibly Cats: Possibly Teddy has not been at the sanctuary long and is still currently under assessment. Teddy is seeking a quiet retirement home where he can have as much love as he deserves.

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Pluto is now reserved Age: 5 years Breed: Lab X Sex: Male Children : Teens (children with large dog experience) Cats: No Dogs: Selective (prefers males) Pluto spent most of his life outside but now he is ready to find his furrever fire place to lay in front of. He Is a very strong boy and loves to meet new people however he can be quite boisterous and jump up when greeting people, because of this Pluto will need…

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