Theodore, Travis & Todd

Theodore, Travis & Todd - Male - 12 weeks Cats - Yes Dogs - Yes ( as long as the dog has lived with cats before )

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Zeus and Zena / Tobias and Venus

Zeus Male black and white and Zena female Tabby and white. 10 weeks bonded brother and sister - homing together Tobias Male black and white (white face) and Venus female tabby and white. 10 weeks bonded brother and sister - homing together Dogs - no Cats - no Mature family

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Are you interested in adopting a cat? Assisi Animal Sanctuary is open every day except Monday between 11am and 3pm for rehoming applications. Once you complete your form, a member of staff from the cat or kitten unit will have a chat with you about what you are looking for and let you look around the cattery. We will then contact your usual vet for a reference, contact your landlord for permission (if applicable) and send a home advisor out to your…

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Melody and Maria

   7 months old   females. Homed together  sisters   Cats  Yes   Dogs  No   Mature  Family   …

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A loving home…

Here at Assisi Animal Sanctuary, we have lots of gorgeous Cats and Kittens seeking a loving home.   Why not call to the sanctuary and meet them for yourself and have a chat with the staff.  

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Cat and Kitten neutering…

Do you have a stray cat that keeps having kittens or that keeps spraying around your home? Has your once cute and cuddly kitten turned into a boisterous and occasionally aggressive young adult? Is your cat urinating and defecating all round the house for no reason? It is very important to have all cats and kitten neutered or spayed not only to prevent unwanted litters…

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