Coco and Fudge

Coco and Fudge are two lady buns!! They are very good friends and enjoy each others company! Both buns are around 5 years old, and still a bit timid around humans. They have settled reasonably well in the sanctuary with the constant routine of things helping. Fudge does now enjoy a little head rub now and again, however Coco is still not so sure. If these girls were to go home, it would take them quite a while…

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Meet little Rasmus!  A small bun full of a BIG personality! Rasmus is a 2 year old neutered male that came to us in poor condition, as he had scalded legs due to sitting in his own urine and feaces. Rasmus is a Netherland Dwarf, so small in size, but makes up for it with his big energetic personality! He loves to run about your feet, and does enjoy a…

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Pippin and Smudge

Meet Pippin and Smudge! Two neutered male mini lops full of fun and mischief! Pippin is the white bun whilst Smudge is the white and ginger bun! These two do enjoy each others company, but if stressed can argue until they are settled in a new atmosphere. These two love to investigate, and if a door is left slightly ajar you may expect them to go through it and explore!!! Both buns love a good head rub, and will…

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Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans

  Meet Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans!! Beans (left) is a female and the lightest of the four, to her right is Brownie, a female and the darkest of the four. To the right of Brownie is Cinnamon, he is a male and mostly orange in color, and lastly we have Crumbs, also a male, with an orange face and a light back. These four wee buns came to the sanctuary in July of this Year and have had to go through…

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Fanta and Bowie

Here we have two snazzy buns! Fanta is a 7 year old Ginger female spayed bun, and her husbun Bowie is a 6 and a half year old White/Ginger/Black Spotted neutered bun! These two have a serious amount of personality! They slotted into the routine here at the sanctuary very easily, and they know exactly when it's food time!! The two of them are always waiting for you to open the door, and when you do they run around…

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Scooter and Cleo

Scooter is an approximately 1 - 2 year old bun with fawny/brown ears and spots along his back! He is a little nervy and can take some time to get to know new people. It will take time and patience to help him come round to you, but once he does he is a brilliant happy bun! He is currently on medication which will most likely continue for the foreseeable future, so will need humans confident with medicating. We…

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Meet Sketch. Sketch was paired with a girl bun, whom unfortunately passed away due to illness. Sketch has now been on his own a month now, and has adjusted to not having his partner with him. We would love to get Sketch another bun partner, as we can see he is missing the company. Sketch is a 2 year old neutered male, who requires a small amount of medication AM and PM due to a condition…

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Patrick and Roxy

Patrick has been with us since 2010, he arrived at just 6 months old after he had been found straying. He spent 6 years at the sanctuary with his wife Kiera. Sadly Kiera's health failed and she passed away in 2016. Patrick is a lovely rabbit who has so much character. He is a real favorite among our staff and volunteers. He does need regular dental check-ups as his spurs can grow quite quickly making it extremely…

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