George is a handsome little Black Lop Ear bun at approximately 10 months old!! George was originally at the sanctuary in 2016 with his 5 other siblings. Re-homed in pairs, George went to live with one of his brothers, which unfortunately ended up not working out, through no fault of their own. Re-admitted to the sanctuary the time here with everything going on around them, George and his brother fell out, getting…

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  Alfie is a sweet little chocolate coloured 8 month old lop! He left the sanctuary at the start of January for his new home with his brother, but unfortunately this did not work out (no fault of their own). Alfie was paired with his brother Ted, until recently when they had a pretty severe argument overnight, resulting in Alfie having to get stitches…

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 Soya is a 2 year old male, and this gorgeous boy is looking for a lady friend and a home to call his own! He is a white and brown Dutch rabbit with one blue eye and one brown eye. Soya is a sweet boy who likes to sit in the sun most of the day and relax. He can be a little timid but with time he comes out of his shell. He loves his head being stoked and will sit for ages whilst you do so! Soya also…

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 Griffin is now reserved Griffin is an approximately 10 month old, neutered male bun with all his vaccinations up to date! Griffin is quite a shy bun until he gets to know you, and once he does he quite enjoys a little pet! He also becomes quite confident and will bounce around your feet! He loves to investigate so you must be vigilant and aware of an open…

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Meet Moose! Moose is a 1 year old recently neutered male who has only just arrived at the sanctuary! He has had his first vaccination and will soon have his second! Moose is a very friendly bun who loves company, he is looking for a bun friend so that he can have company all…

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Fanta and Bowie

Fanta and Bowie are now reserved Here we have two snazzy buns! Fanta is a 7 year old Ginger female spayed bun, and her husbun Bowie is a 6 and a half year old White/Ginger/Black Spotted neutered bun! These two have a serious amount of personality! They slotted into the routine here at the sanctuary very easily, and they know exactly when it's food time!! The…

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 Scooter is Reserved Scooter is a 1 year old single white bun with fawny/brown ears and spots along his back! He is a little nervy and can take some time to get to know new people. Scooter would most likely benefit from some company of another bun companion. It will take time and patience to help him come round to you, but once he does he is a brilliant…

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Sketch and Luci

  Luci is an 11 month old lion head. She was found in Co. Cork with infected eyes, resulting in her now being blind. She was extremely emaciated upon coming to assisi but is starting to put on weight and get better here at the sanctuary. She is currently on medication, so would need an experienced owner who is confident with medicating her as she…

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Ozzy and Casey

  Ozzy and Casey are 2 beautiful buns! Ozzy is the father of  Casey. They arrived in January 2013. Ozzy had been a busy boy and produced two litters with his lady friend! We had nine babies and Ozzy!! Ozzy is now 5 years old, and Casey 4 years old. They have been neutered/spayed and have all their vaccinations up to date. They are on a powder…

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Steve and Ella

Steve is a 5 year old handsome chap who didn't really have a great start in life. He was rescued from a pet shop where he had been living in a hamster cage, he had never been handled and was so nervous he would scream every time his rescuer touched him. With time be started to come round, but it became obvious he had issues with his eyesight as well. When he arrived here with us his eyes were examined and it…

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