Smokey and Shadow

Smokey and Shadow are to lovely buns at approximately 2 years old. Smokey is black in colour whilst Shadow is white in colour! They are two neutered males that are well bonded. Shadow is a little braver than Smokey would be, but he is coming around well and both enjoy their head-rubs! Both boys love to explore their surroundings and love getting new toys to play with. Smokey and Shadow have recently come back…

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Meet Bruce! Bruce is a white neutered male bun looking for a female bun he can bond with. Bruce is approximately 1 -2 years old. He is a very nosey bun that loves to investigate all surroundings! He loves to explore new areas, and can be quite persistent that he is getting out his run door!! He is coming around to the idea of head rubs being nice, but prefers to have his four feet firmly on the ground, only having…

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Eliza and Tattie

Eliza and Tattie buns are a mother and daughter pair! Eliza is mum bun, grey in colour and approximately 1 - 2 years old, Tattie bun is black and white in colour and approximately 2 months old now! Tattie arrived to us as a small pink hairless potato! She has grown brilliantly in size! Eliza has really come around, as when she first came to the sanctuary she was quite feisty! Now she enjoys head rubs and cuddles!…

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Lark and Rumer

Lark and Rumer are two lovely English Spot X's. Lark is a neutered male, and Rumer is a spayed female, both buns are approximately 4/5 months old now. Lark is more speckled on his back than Rumer is. They are both vaccinated up to date, and are ready to go to their forever home!   A lot of socialization is required for these two, as they are still young, and are not yet 100% used to human interaction.…

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**Merlin is now reserved** Merlin came into us in a very smelly, dirty, small Guinea Pig cage. He is such a sweet pleasant little bun, who seems to love head rubs already. Merlin is approximately 4/5 years old. He likes to mooch about, but enjoys your company also. Merlin is a neutered male who is looking for a bun partner.

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Hamish is a neutered male bun at approximately 2-3 years old. His vaccinations are all up to date!  Hamish was admitted as a stray bun, as he was found roaming some gardens, and unfortunately no owner came forward for him. Hamish is a continental cross, and ginger/fawn in colour. He is a lovely boy that loves to snoop around you and investigate, however he hasn't quite grasped the concept of enjoying head-rubs…

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Steve and Jessica

Steve is one of our long term resident buns, who has been here since 2012 ! Steve is an approximately 6 year old neutered male bun. Steve is unfortunately blind, however, this does not stop him from exploring and getting about. Steve needs to be kept in the same area, with level ground, so no hutches. Previously paired with Ella bun, who unfortunately passed away last year, he had been on his own for 6 months.…

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Rasmus is a 2 and a half year old neutered male bun. We are looking for a long term foster home where he will be able to live out the rest of his days. Rasmus currently has quite a number of medical issues, and whilst he is doing great currently, we are unsure how long that will…

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Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans

Meet Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans!! Beans (left) is a female and the lightest of the four, to her right is Brownie, a female and the darkest of the four. To the right of Brownie is Cinnamon, he is a male and mostly orange in color, and lastly we have Crumbs, also a male, with an orange face and a light back. These four wee buns came to the sanctuary…

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Scooter is an approximately 2 year old bun with fawny/brown ears and spots along his back! He is a little nervy and can take some time to get to know new people. It will take time and patience to help him come round to you, but once he does he is a brilliant happy bun! He is currently…

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