Fanta and Bowie

  Here we have two snazzy buns! Fanta is a 7 year old Ginger female spayed bun, and her husbun Bowie is a 6 year old White/Ginger/Black Spotted neutered bun! These two have a serious amount of personality! They slotted into the routine here at the sanctuary very easily, and they know exactly when it's food time!! The two of them are always waiting for you to open the door, and when you do they…

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Scooter is a 1 year old single white bun with fawny/brown ears and spots along his back! He is a little nervy and can take some time to get to know new people. Scooter would most likely benefit from some company of another bun companion. It will take time and patience to help him come round to you, but once he does he is a brilliant happy bun! He is currently on medication which will most likely continue for the foreseeable future, so will need humans…

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Bunni is now reserved Beautiful Bunni is approximately 4 years old! She is spayed and has all her vaccinations up to date. Bunni loves her food and getting out for a run around! She is the first bun at the fence wanting out for a hop about! Bunni would be best suited to a calm and quiet home with another bun partner. She has come round an awful lot since she was admitted to the sanctuary as she…

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Max is now reserved This is Max, our large ginger helicopter/loppy eared bun whom is currently looking a loving home with another bun! He is approximately 2 years old, neutered and up to date with vaccinations. Max is doing well with being petted and fussed over here at the sanctuary but will need a bit more time spent to bring him properly out of his shell!! He's a very curious bun and loves…

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Lula and Gilbert

Lula and Gilbert are now reserved Lula is a gorgeous 1 year old dark brown coloured bunny. A friendly outgoing and sweet girl who comes over for treats and cuddles. She is a very nosey bun! She is currently on medication but it is hopefully not long term. Gilbert is 2 years old and light sand in colouring. He is slightly more shy and Lula is certainly in charge so he just does as his wife tells…

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Treacle and Tumble

Treacle and Tumble are two large lion-head rabbits. They are almost 3 years old and have been neutered and vaccinated. Treacle is the bold, cheeky one of the pair who is usually first over to investigate, or to try and escape! Tumble is a little more shy and reserved but is very friendly once he gets to know you. Both Treacle and Tumble are very easy to handle and once they settle in they are friendly and outgoing. They were both overweight when…

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Sketch and Luci

Luci is an 11 month old lion head. She was found in Co. Cork with infected eyes, resulting in her now being blind. She was extremely emaciated upon coming to assisi but is starting to put on weight and get better here at the sanctuary. She is currently on medication, so would need an experienced owner who is confident with medicating her as she can be quite a handful!!! Sketch is Luci's hus-bun and helps her get around. They love to sit together…

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Loki and Thor

Loki and Thor are now reserved Naughty by name, naughty by nature! These handsome boys are Loki and Thor and are almost 4 years old. They are both neutered with all their vaccinations up to date. Loki and Thor are a brilliant pair of bunnies. They are incredibly inquisitive and always come straight out when called. Loki is quite bold and outgoing, he is the first to explore everything and the…

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Lily, Fern and Willow

Lily, Fern and Willow are three beautiful sisters. They are all a year old and have been spayed. Even though they look the same, they really couldn't be any more different! Lily is as bold as brass, she is the boss and always the first out the door for playtime. She isn't keen on being picked up but will let you pet her when she comes over. Fern is the smallest and the shyest, but don't let that fool you! She is the most intelligent and will run…

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Patrick and Roxy

Patrick has been with us since 2010, he arrived at just 6 months old after he had been found straying. He spent the past 6 years at the sanctuary with his wife Kiera. Sadly over the last year Kiera's health failed and she passed away in 2016. Patrick is a lovely rabbit who has so much character. He is a real favorite among our staff and volunteers. He does need regular dental check-ups as his spurs can grow quite quickly making it extremely painful…

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