Casey, Lolly and Ozzy

Aren't they a lovely trio? Casey and Lolly are sisters and are now 2 years old. Ozzy is their dad and he is 3 years old now. These three arrived in January 2013, Ozzy had been a busy boy and produced two litters with this lady friend! We had nine babies and Ozzy! Casey only has one eye as she developed a nasty abscess in it and it had to be removed. She coped fine with the ordeal and is the picture of health now! These three are incredibly close.…

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Jamie, Nyree and Belle

Don't they make a lovely trio? Jamie is a lucky boy and has two lovely wives, Nyree and Belle. Jamie is only a young lad at 3 years old. He is very friendly and loves to be stroked and will let you cuddle him when the notion takes him! Nyree is a beautiful big girl, who we think is around 5 years old. She is a big lady with a big personality and is a favourite among our volunteers. Nyree loves to be cuddled and is easy to handle and work with. Belle…

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Steve and Ella

Steve is a 3 year old handsome young chap who didn't have a great start in life. He was rescued from a pet shop where he had been living in a hamster cage, he had never been handled and was so nervous he would scream every time his rescuer touched him. With time be started to come round, but it became obvious he had issues with his eyesight as well. When he arrived here with us his eyes were examined and it was found that he has retinal atrophy,…

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Woody & Aspen

These two handsome boys are almost 4 years old. Woody is the cheeky one of the pair, he enjoys being able to do as he pleases and would have a minor bunny tantrum if you try to stop him from being naughty! Woody isn't overly keen on cuddles but you can grab a sneaky one occasionally! Aspen is the cuddlier one of the two, but he will give you the run around when you try to pick him up! He does enjoy being cuddled for a while though. Aspen is very…

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Bambi & Diego

Bambi & Diego are now reserved. Bambi & Diego are a cute little couple who would love a home of their own. Bambi came to us as a stray that had been handed in to our local vets. She was initially very shy and flighty but has settled in well and is now proving to be very affectionate and loving. Bambi isn't keen on being picked up but will hop over to investigate and take a tasty treat! Bambi is around…

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