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Baloo is now reserved. Meet Baloo, he is a handsome older gentlepig, approximately around 3-4 years old. Poor Baloo had been badly neglected, his nails were corkscrewed and his grease gland on his rump was very dirty. Despite his sad start Baloo is very friendly and just loves to be cuddled and kissed. We are still assessing whether he will need to be neutered, but currently we think he would be fine with a very…

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Lola is now reserved. Lola is 2 years old and as you can see she is very pretty! Lola is a shy little pig who would benefit from the company of another female guinea or a neutered male. She enjoys being handled and cuddled too! Lola loves her home comforts and is definitely a 'house-pig', her favourite bed is a plush pink cushion! If you think you could offer Lola the loving home she needs please call up and meet…

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Oisin and Rayna

Oisin is a handsome big pig who was abandoned in Ormeau park along with four pregnant females and two younger males. He is affectionately known as 'big daddy pig'. Oisin is around 2-3 years old and has been castrated. He is a friendly big pig who is coming round to being cuddled- he wasn't too sure about it to start with! Rayna came to us as a welfare case, she was living in terrible conditions and her nails were corkscrewed. She is now a picture…

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Adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig

Thinking of adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig...? Here is a rundown of what we do and don't expect from you... What do we expect...? From every potential owner we expect: A passion for rabbits and guinea pigs. An understanding of the level of care needed by small animals. Research to have been done into the feeding and care of rabbits and guinea pigs. Willingness to provide the rabbits or…

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Housing your rabbit…

In the words of the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, 'A hutch is not enough...' Rabbits need a lot of space to move and run about in. They do not like to feel confined and squashed into a small space, as they are prey animals and need to feel like they have somewhere to run to. The minimum accommodation any rabbit should have is a 6ft x 5ft x 2ft double storey hutch, with at least a 4ft x6ft run.  Anything smaller than this is inadequate, even…

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Are you interested in learning about rabbits?

We are now offering 'Rabbit Care Workshops' on site here at Assisi. These are open to novice and experienced rabbit owners alike. We also welcome those who are still in the 'considering getting a pet rabbit' stage too! Taking part in these workshops is an ideal way to get an idea of what is actually involved in keeping pet rabbits. We will show you how to handle a rabbit correctly, groom, clip nails and teach you how to understand what your rabbit…

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Don’t see the rabbit you are looking for..?

Get in touch! We have nearly 30 rabbits on site currently and it can be difficult to keep up to date. So why not give us a call or send an email and see what we have. We always have a large range of rabbits, they vary in colour, breed, age and personality! Often we have rabbits in foster homes as well, so if we don't have anybody suitable on site, we may have somebody suitable living in a foster home! You can call us on 028 9181 2622 or email

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Have you ever considered a rabbit..?

Have you ever considered having a couple of rabbits as pets..? Many people have rabbits as a small child and often the only memory that sticks with them is being bitten! Have a think for a moment and remember the rest... Watching the rabbits run up and down the garden sprinting and leaping all over the place... Watching two rabbits cuddle up together in the hay, taking turns to wash the other one's face... Having…

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