Guinea Pigs

Nina and Clara

Nina and Clara are two new piggies here at the sanctuary. They are both females and just under 1 year old. They are both quite nervous as they have not been handled very much, though in the few days they have been here at the sanctuary they have started to come round brilliantly! Nina is a Black, White and Cream Long Haired piggy, and Clara is a Ginger and Brown piggy! They are both long haired, this means they will require regular grooming, baths…

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Mattie is now reserved Meet Mattie! Mattie came in as a trio, but ended up arguing with her sister, and unfortunately had to be separated. She is now looking for a new home with a new pig partner or partners, being a neutered male or a female. She is a lovely pig with a big personality! Mattie is still young and therefor still getting used to handling and being brushed. She loves her greens and…

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Phoebe is a very pretty 3 year old female guinea pig.She is very friendly and loves to be cuddled. She will sit on your lap for ages telling you her stories and nibbling on some snacks. Unfortunately Pheobe has shown no interest in being friends with another piggy, so may have to be re-homed as a single pig. Phoebe is currently on medication for her health issues in her old age so would need an owner who has experience in giving medication. If you…

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Leo is now reserved Leo is a 5 month old Guinea Pig looking for another piggy companion! He has recently been neutered and as a result will have to wait 4-5 weeks before he can be paired with a new friend. He is a happy boisterous little piggy whom regularly 'popcorns' about his home area! He can also be a little naughty in regards to nibbling fingers!! Leo loves his grub and as soon as a bag…

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