Guinea Pigs

Inca & Nyla

Inca and Nyla are two beautiful 9 month old guinea pig sisters. They are still a bit shy at the moment, but with some gentle handling and TLC they will come round in no time at all. Although they are sisters and are the same age Inca is much smaller than Nyla. She does have a couple of issues which have contributed to her stunted growth. Regardless, she is a happy, healthy little pig who has shown herself to be quite a character! Nyla is a pretty…

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Chester is a stunning rex guinea pig. He is around 2 years old. Chester came in with his friend Bracken, but sadly they have fallen out. Chester is a big lad who loves to be cuddled and will sit in your arms for ages! Chester will be neutered soon and once recovered will be looking for a nice lady pig to cuddle with.

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