Guinea Pigs

Fudge and Oreo

Fudge and Oreo are two newly admitted pigs to the sanctuary! They are both neutered pigs looking for their forever home. These two are very nervous and would benefit from a very quiet home with someone who is willing to spend time with them to help gain their confidence. Both piggies enjoy their food and do enjoy investigating, but prefer it to be super quiet before they come out from their hidey houses. As they…

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George and Sheldon

George and Sheldon are now reserved Curious George and Sassy Sheldon! Two big beautiful 2 year old male Guinea Piggies looking for their forever home! Only recently admitted George and Sheldon will be having a vet visit, and they will be neutered. Both these piggies have great personalities and enjoy sitting on your lap being petted! As these two boys both…

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 Harry is now reserved Harry is a lovely 4 year old recently neutered male Guinea Pig! He is black, tan and white in color! Harry has been a little shy since addition at the sanctuary, however he is slowly starting to come out of his shell! Whilst he is a little skittish about the initial picking up, he is great…

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  Gizmo is an approximately 3 year old neutered male piggie. Gizmo was originally paired with his buddy Guinness for a significant amount of time, however, it seems they have grown apart as arguments were regular. This resulted in them having to be separated unfortunately. So now Gizmo is preferably looking for a lady friend to spend his days with.…

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