Guinea Pigs

Kansas & Georgia

Kansas and Georgia are a lovely pair of female guinea pigs. These ladies are still a little shy but are coming round very quickly. They are long haired so will require regular grooming to keep them silky and tangle free. Both girls are very easy to groom and quite enjoy being pampered. Kansas and Georgia are looking for a loving home together where they will live indoors.

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Gerry is a very handsome male guinea pig. We estimate he is around 4-5 months old. Gerry is a friendly, loving little piggy who is very cuddly. He is easy to handle and will chat away to you at feeding time. We will neuter Gerry in a few weeks time when he is a bit heavier, he will then be looking for a female piggy for a friend as he is a bit too excitable around male guinea pigs.

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Muffin & Pebbles

Muffin and Pebbles are a handsome pair of 3 year old male guinea pigs. Muffin is a big, squishy, cuddly pig who is very easy to handle. He is confident and friendly and will usually chat away to you, especially if you have some tasty food to offer! Pebbles is a little more shy than Muffin, but once he settles in he is very sweet and cuddly. He isn't quite as vocal as Muffin, but he will find his voice soon! Pebbles and Muffin must be adopted together.…

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