Guinea Pigs

Muffin & Pebbles

Muffin and Pebbles are a handsome pair of 3 year old male guinea pigs. Muffin is a big, squishy, cuddly pig who is very easy to handle. He is confident and friendly and will usually chat away to you, especially if you have some tasty food to offer! Pebbles is a little more shy than Muffin, but once he settles in he is very sweet and cuddly. He isn't quite as vocal as Muffin, but he will find his voice soon! Pebbles and Muffin must be adopted together.…

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Guinness & Gizmo

Guinness and Gizmo are a striking pair of male guinea pigs. Guinness is 3 years old and is a lovely big chap. He loves to sit on your lap in a cosy bed and will give you kisses and nibbles. He also loves getting outside for a few hours, he can't resist munching on the tasty grass! Gizmo is 2 years old and is just as lovely as Guinness. He is a bit more shy to start with, but once he gets used to new people he is great. He is a very curious pig and…

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