Guinea Pigs


This hairy chap is Buzz! He is 9 months old and is a 'coronet' guinea pig. This is what gives him his long hair and tufty crown. Buzz is incredibly friendly and loves his food! He can be quite talkative and will often have a conversation with you. As Buzz is currently too small to neuter we are looking to find him a home with another laid back male piggy.

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Meet Rihanne. She is a sweet little lady pig who is around 14 months old. Rihanne appears to be a quiet piggie who loves to be picked up and cuddled. She hasn't been with us long so we are still getting to know her. Rihanne is looking for a netered male guina to keep her company.

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Dean is a very handsome grey and white 1 year old guinea pig. He is very friendly and just loves giving kisses! He loves to be cuddled, but can be a bit tricky to catch as he thinks running round his cage is a great game! Dean arrived here with another male guinea pig, but unfortunately they had to be separated as they were not getting on well. Dean has just been neutered and will be ready to meet a lady friend in 6 weeks time!

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Sam has been reserved. Sam is a handsome 1 year old tri-colour Abysinnian. He originally arrived here with another male guinea pig, but they weren't getting on very well and had to be separated. Sam is a friendly boy who loves to be cuddled and fussed over. He always comes to the cage door to say hello or to see if you have any treats for him! Sam has just been neutered and will be ready to meet the lady pig of…

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Timothy & Andrew

Timothy and Andrew are handsome brothers who are looking for a home together. They are both 1 year old. Timothy is a bit smaller than his brother but he is very sweet and loves to be cuddled. Even though he is smaller he is the more outgoing one of the pair and will come over to say hello if you have a treat for him! Andrew is a little more shy than Timothy but is still very cuddly and loving. He really enjoys a good back rub. They are Peruvian type…

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