Guinea Pigs


Ted has been reserved. Ted is a very handsome 3 1/2 year old male guinea pig! He is incredibly friendly and loving and really enjoys being cuddled.  

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Liam & Lucas

What a handsome pair of young chaps these two are! Liam and Lucas are two male guinea pig brothers, they are around 1 year old. Both these boys are friendly and cuddly, although they are still a bit unsure about being picked up! They are very settled together as a pair and so far we have not seen any bullying from either one. Liam and Lucas are looking for a loving home as a pair, they can be indoor or outdoor guineas. They are quite big and will…

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Holly & Lola

Holly and Lola are now reserved.   Holly and Lola are a beautiful pair of ladies! They are unrelated but are both 6 months old. Holly is a longhaired type of guinea known as a 'texel'. Her hair is long and curly and sits in perfect ringlets, she requires daily brushing with a soft brush to keep her hair soft and tangle free. Lola is a very pretty smooth coated guinea, she is definitely the boss and keeps…

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Louie has been reserved. Louie is a handsome tri-colour male guinea pig, he is around 2 years old. Louie is a friendly boy who enjoys being cuddled and having a fuss made of him. He can be a little shy at first and isn't always terribly easy to catch, but once you have got him he is great! Louie has recently been castrated as he was not getting on well with his brother Wilbur. After he has waited for six weeks…

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