Small Furries


Lacy pig is a beautiful lady pig at approximately 1 year old. Lacy was found straying by one of our vets, and unfortunately has not been claimed by any owner. She is a lovely lady pig, but was a little nervous to begin with. Now she quite enjoys head-rubs, and doesn't mind sitting on your lap for snuggles! Lacy was not eating well here at the sanctuary, so she is now out on foster in a run beside other Guinea…

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Assisi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Unit – New Build!

Although many of our rescue buns and pigs will be rehomed from the Sanctuary, some may stay with us for life. Many elderly or unwell rabbits are given to rescues as looking after them becomes difficult and expensive. We want to ensure that we are providing excellent housing for our long-term residents as well as the temporary ones!

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Rasmus is a 2 and a half year old neutered male bun. We are looking for a long term foster home where he will be able to live out the rest of his days. Rasmus currently has quite a number of medical issues, and whilst he is doing great currently, we are unsure how long that will…

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Adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig

Thinking of adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig...? Here is a rundown of what we do and don't expect from you... What do we expect...? From every potential owner we expect: A passion for rabbits and guinea pigs. An understanding of the level of care needed by small animals. Research to have been…

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Feeding your rabbit…

Rabbits are herbivores and are designed to eat little and often. Rabbits have a very complex digestive system and any imbalance, no matter how minor, can cause illness. Rabbits under 16 weeks of age are especially susceptible to gut complaints as their digestive system is still getting used to solid food. Care needs to be taken when introducing any rabbit to a new food. When adopting or purchasing a rabbit be sure to feed the same type of food that…

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Housing your rabbit…

In the words of the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, 'A hutch is not enough...' Rabbits need a lot of space to move and run about in. They do not like to feel confined and squashed into a small space, as they are prey animals and need to feel like they have somewhere to run to. The minimum accommodation any rabbit should have is a 6ft(L) x 5ft(H) x 2ft(D) double storey hutch, with at least a 4ft x 8ft run. ¬†Anything smaller than this is inadequate,…

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Don’t see the rabbit you are looking for..?

Get in touch! We have nearly 30 rabbits on site currently and it can be difficult to keep up to date. So why not give us a call or send an email and see what we have. We always have a large range of rabbits, they vary in colour, breed, age and personality! Often we have rabbits in foster homes as well, so if we don't have anybody suitable on site, we may have somebody suitable living in a foster home! You can call us on 028 9181 2622 or email

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Have you ever considered a rabbit..?

Have you ever considered having a couple of rabbits as pets..? Many people have rabbits as a small child and often the only memory that sticks with them is being bitten! Have a think for a moment and remember the rest... Watching the rabbits run up and down the garden sprinting and leaping all over the place... Watching two rabbits cuddle up together in the hay, taking turns to wash the other one's face... Having…

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