Guinea Pigs

Harry and Severus

Harry and Severus are two neutered male piggies at approximately 6/7 months old. Harry is black and tan with a little white patch on the top of his head and Severus is black and tan. These two young piggies can be skittish to be picked up, but are great once they are in your arms or sitting on your knee to be petted! Harry was treated as he had an ear infection, and whilst this is all cleared up, he still has…

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Kurt and Edgar

Meet Kurt and Edgar!  These two very handsome male piggies are around 1 year old. Both are currently still entire, however, they will be neutered here at the sanctuary. Kurt is a semi long haired piggy, whilst Edgar is a short hair. Both are sporting the same black, tan and white colours too!! Kurt and Edgar have had limited handling, so are quite nervous…

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Hazel and Meg

**Hazel and Meg are now reserved** Meet Hazel and Meg!! Hazel and Meg are two female piggies at approximately 1 year old! They are very good friends and enjoy each others company! Hazel is a brown/brindle color and Meg is a black and white piggy with little honey colored splodges! Hazel is a little braver than Meg would…

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Dexter and Luna

**Dexter and Luna are now reserved** Meet Dexter and Luna! Dexter is a patchwork of Brown/Brindle and Tan, with a white bum. He is an 8 month old neutered male piggy. Luna is a female piggy around 5 months old and is black and tan in colour. Dexter pig is coming along in regards to his confidence, and will come to the edge…

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