Guinea Pigs

Coco and Brownie

Meet Coco and Brownie, two fairly new Guinea residents at Assisi. Whilst they are both similar in colour, Coco has smooth hair, and Brownie has some spiky hair going up her back!! They are both approximately 2 years old, and are not too used to being handled. Coco will let you stroke her in her accommodation, whilst Brownie is a little nervous and will run away. It hasn't taken them too long to settle into a…

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Kurt and Edgar

Meet Kurt and Edgar!  These two very handsome male piggies are around 1 year old. Both are currently still entire, however, they will be neutered here at the sanctuary. Kurt is a semi long haired piggy, whilst Edgar is a short hair. Both are sporting the same black, tan and white colours too!! Kurt and Edgar have had limited handling, so are quite nervous…

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