Guinea Pigs

Ghost and Pumpkin

Say Hello to Ghost and Pumpkin! Two newly admitted Guinea Piggies to the sanctuary! These guys are both neutered male piggies and are very bonded with each other. I'm sure you can tell who is who, but just for clarification! Ghost is the white long haired piggy and Pumpkin is the Long curly haired Black piggy, with a big splodge of Orange on his face! They are both approximately between 1 and 2yr old. Ghost has…

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Attilla and Julius

Julius and Attila are now reserved! Say Hello to Attilla and Julius! Attilla is a long wire haired brown Guinea Piggie, and Julius is a Ginger Long Haired Piggie. They are both neutered! Attilla is a more confident pig than Julius, however still quite nervous. We are working to get them more used to being handled, however this will still take some time. They…

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Harry is now reserved  Harry is a lovely 4 year old neutered male Guinea Pig! He is black, tan and white in color! Harry has been a little shy since admission at the sanctuary, however he is slowly starting to come out of his shell! Whilst he is a little skittish about the initial picking up, he is great once held and…

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