Guinea Pigs

Rhino and Bangs

Meet Rhino and Bangs, two newly admitted piggies to the sanctuary. Both piggies are approximately 2 years old and are currently entire males. Rhino is a grey and White Abyssinian Piggy and Bangs is a White Abyssinian Piggy. Upon being in their new accommodation this short while, Bangs comes across as a very confident piggy, wanting to investigate immediately and wondering if we have food to give him! Rhino is a little more reserved, but hopefully…

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Batman and Boris

Meet Batman and Boris!  These two lovely piggies are two brilliant neutered males at approximately 2+years old. Batman is a black and grey coloured Guinea with a few white specks, where-as Boris is a brown and tan coloured piggy. Both Boris and Batman have problems with their teeth, this means they need to be monitored in regards to how much they are eating, and also weighed regularly to make sure they are gaining. Batman does need to gain some…

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Teddy and Felix

**Teddy and Felix are now reserved** Teddy and Felix are two neutered male piggies at around 6-7 months old now. These two piggies still need a bit of handling experience as they are still young and slightly skittish. Teddy and Felix are two very independent piggies that love to investigate and play with new toys. They will take some time to adjust and settle into a new environment and routine,…

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**Jack is now reserved** Meet Jack, a male pig at approximately 2 years old. Jack will be neutered this week, so will have to do his months wait before being mixed with any potential female friends. Jack will need some time spent for him to become confident with a new person, though he seems to fall into a routine without too much hassle. Jack already knows the sound of a veggie bag, and will…

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