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Why not sponsor an Assisi animal for just £3 per month..? Assisi is committed to providing an excellent quality of life for our animals no matter what their age or state of health. For many, we are the last chance for an older or special needs animal to find happiness. We endeavour to re-home all of our animals; however, some of our residents have been with us for quite some time. These residents need…

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Corporate Sponsorship

We are always looking to work with businesses within our local community and surrounding areas. Corporate sponsorship is a great way for you and your business to get involved with Assisi. There are many ways of providing sponsorship, you could choose to sponsor a particular animal or possibly one of the runs or play areas. There is also the opportunity to sponsor an entire unit or kennel block. We are looking to the future with plans to rebuild the…

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I’m Farrah and I came to Assisi in November 2014. I have a bacteria in my lungs called Pseudomonas which can make breathing a bit difficult at times. I take medicine each day to keep my infection under control. I am now in a foster home and have settled in very well. I even have my own room! By sponsoring Farrah you are helping us to continue to pay for her Veterinary care allowing her to lead a happy life in her foster home.

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Thatch is a handsome 7 year old terrier who has been with us for several years. Thatch can be selective about which humans and dogs he makes friends with so we were all surprised when he decided on a lovely foster home with a human and several dogs and is enjoying himself immensely. Thatch also suffers with a skin condition and has a persistent cough that requires daily medication and inhalers. By sponsoring Thatch you are helping us pay for the…

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Flick is only 5 years old but had such a bad start in life it has left him very un-trusting of humans. The staff here have been working hard with Flick over the past year and have helped him make friends with a few selective volunteers. One very kind volunteer takes Flick home for short breaks away from the Sanctuary, he enjoys these breaks and is much more settled when he returns.

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Patrick has been at Assisi since 2010, he was only 6 months old when he arrived here after being found straying. I have trouble with my teeth which means he requires regular check-ups with the vet and sometimes requires an operation to correct his teeth so they don’t hurt. Patrick is a favourite among the staff, he lives inside the shed as a house rabbit. He loves his home comforts and expects to be spoiled. By sponsoring Patrick you are helping…

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Rabbit Run

Can't decide what rabbit you want to sponsor? Why not sponsor a rabbit run? By sponsoring a rabbit run you are helping all of the rabbits that use that run on a daily basis. During the good weather all of our rabbits get outside to play. In these runs they can hide in the large boxes or dig until their hearts' content! Often they can be seen lying in the sun enjoying the heat.

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Harmony House

Help our special residents in Harmony House. Harmony house is where our less sociable cats live, it is a safe haven for them where they are allowed to come round to human contact in their own time. Here they can live happily with other cats for company. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide chicken and other tasty treats on a regular basis. Our volunteers spend time with the cats to help…

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Cat Cabin

Can't decide what cat you would like to sponsor? Why not sponsor one of our Cat Cabins? By sponsoring a cat cabin you are helping each cat that uses the cabin. That way you are helping lots of cats and kittens! Our cabins are cosy 'bedrooms' where the cats have a comfy bed and everything they need to make their time here at Assisi much happier. They feel safe and secure in these cabins.

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Dog Run

Can't decide what dog to sponsor? Why not sponsor a whole run? You can sponsor a dog run for just £3 per month. Your sponsorship will go towards the care of the dogs that use that run, so you will be helping a lot of dogs! Our runs are used a play areas for the dogs during the day. Often there are 3 or 4 dogs in each run having great fun in the sand pits, kennels and platforms that we provide for enrichment.

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