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Why not sponsor an Assisi animal for just £3 per month..? Assisi is committed to providing an excellent quality of life for our animals no matter what their age or state of health. For many, we are the last chance for an older or special needs animal to find happiness. We endeavour to re-home all of our animals; however, some of our residents have been with us for quite some time. These residents need…

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Corporate Sponsorship

We are always looking to work with businesses within our local community and surrounding areas. Corporate sponsorship is a great way for you and your business to get involved with Assisi. There are many ways of providing sponsorship, you could choose to sponsor a particular animal or possibly one of the runs or play areas. There is also the opportunity to sponsor an entire unit or kennel block. We are looking to the future with plans to rebuild the…

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Hi, I am Tamsin and I have lived here at Assisi since 2007. I arrived as a very frightened little baby with my brother and sister. They came round well but I am still not very keen on people. I have ‘small airway disease’ which means I can get short of breath sometimes. The staff have to keep a close eye on me incase I need my medication. Sponsor Tamsin for just £3 a month to help us continue to care for her.

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HI, I am Saul and I have a condition called Acromegaly (tumour on my pituitary gland). This means I can’t regulate my own insulin production and it causes excessive secretion of growth hormone. I need injections twice daily at 12 hr intervals and I am on special food to keep me well. I am now in a lovely foster home. Please sponsor Saul. You will be helping us continue to pay for his ongoing treatment and medicine.

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I’m Farrah and I came to Assisi in November 2014. I have a bacteria in my lungs called Pseudomonas which can make breathing a bit difficult at times. I take medicine each day to keep my infection under control. I am now in a foster home and have settled in very well. I even have my own room! By sponsoring Farrah you are helping us to continue to pay for her Veterinary care allowing her to lead a happy life in her foster home.

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My name is Gizmo and I arrived at Assisi in September 2014, aged at approximately 3 years old. I had been abandoned in a house after my owners moved out. I had a terrible respiratory infection when I arrived which has left me with a permanent cough.  I take medication daily to help this. I am a cheeky chappie, but the staff take great care of me! By sponsoring Gizmo you are helping to pay for his continued care.

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Kali is a pretty tortie lady who is the new 'Manager's Office' cat! Kali helps with all important admin duties and is particularly good at typing. Kali has diabetes and requires twice daily injections of insulin to keep her condition under control. She doesn't particularly like being injected but the staff always make it up to her by giving her some nice food.

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Rodney is a more mature gentleman who has been here at Assisi for a few years now. He has made himself very at home in the Cattery. Rodney is definitely the boss up in the cattery and enjoys reminding the staff of this fact!    

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Rango arrived in April 2011 suffering badly with mange. Nearly all his hair had fallen out and his skin was raw from scratching so much. Rango required extensive treatment to treat the mange, unfortunately only some of his hair has grown back. Rango now lives in a foster home where he is spoiled rotten! His new mum knits him cosy sweaters so that he stays nice and warm. He has quite an array of sweaters and coats! Rango still visits the vet regularly…

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Thatch is a handsome 7 year old terrier who has been with us for several years. Thatch can be selective about which humans and dogs he makes friends with so we were all surprised when he decided on a lovely foster home with a human and several dogs and is enjoying himself immensely. Thatch also suffers with a skin condition and has a persistent cough that requires daily medication and inhalers. By sponsoring Thatch you are helping us pay for the…

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