**Chester is now reserved** Chester is a single recently neutered male piggy! He is around 7/8 months old. Chester is currently on foster with a member of our staff, however, is still available for re-homing. Chester will be looking for another piggy to live with. He is a quiet piggy and a little nervous, but is gradually coming around at home. Chester will need a lot of time and patience spent…

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Fester and Lily

Fester and Lily are two very loved up piggies!!  Fester is mostly tan/ginger with a black face and white blaze. Lily is a mixture of white, tan and chocolate brown. They have been out of the sanctuary before, however, unfortunately they did not end up bonding well with the heard they were intended to live with, as Lily made it perfectly clear that Fester is HER man!!! Fester is nearly a year old now and…

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Guinea Pigs

We have Guinea Pigs available for re-homing, male and female. Some of the males have been neutered and are nearing the end of their neuter wait, the unneutered males are not yet up for adoption. We will be looking to pair the females we have with the males that are ready to be mixed, however we would be happy to let some be re-homed if you have a pig in need of a companion. Please…

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Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans

Meet Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans!! These four buns came to the sanctuary in July 2017 and have had to go through a bit of veterinary treatment before being able to go up for adoption. When they came to us, their hair was so matted that it looked like a solid carpet. Various attempts to loosen the hair failed, as the hair was so tight nit onto their skin, there was nothing else for it other than to be surgically…

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A Special Home Required for Gizmo

We are looking for a special long-term foster home for one of our resident dogs. Gizmo is five years old and a terrier cross who does not like other animals or children. Gizmo was abandoned by his owner after they were evicted; it was three weeks before the Housing Executive found him in their property. During this time he survived by drinking…

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