In Praise of Adult Cats

Are you considering getting a pet cat..? Why not consider an adult cat..?

Cute little kittens are always on everyone’s minds, but have you spared a thought for all the unwanted adult cats? We currently have over 50 adult cats here at Assisi looking for homes. Recently most of the interest has been in the kittens and our adult cats are not finding new homes as quickly as we would like. For this reason we are finding it difficult to help more needy adult cats, we simply don’t have the space for them until some of our current adult cats find homes.

Our adult cats range from 1 year old up to around 10 years old and a lot of our older residents are just as cuddly and playful as a young kitten!

So why would you choose an adult cat over a kitten…?

Adult cats are fully grown so what you see is what you get!

Adult cats will usually be quieter and more sensible than a kitten so there will be less chance of your curtains being shredded!

Most adult cats will already be used to life in a home and will usually prefer to have a snooze than running around the house shredding your good sofa and carpets!

Adults will enjoy being pampered and relish the attention you give them, whereas a kitten would much rather be playing and exploring! If you want a cat to pamper then an adult is the cat for you!

The staff here get to know the adult cats well. We get to know their likes and dislikes and their own special little quirks so we can pass all this information on to you. It is much easier to match an adult cat to your needs.

A lot of our adult cats have been through difficult times and are now looking for their very own loving, secure and permanent home. By taking on an adult cat you are giving them a new start in life.

Taking on an adult cat is just as rewarding, if not more, than taking on a kitten. You may not see them grow up, but you will see them grow in confidence and you will have a friend for life.

Please call up to the cattery and speak to our staff and meet some of our beautiful adult cats currently looking for homes. Browse through the selection of adults we have on the website, and give us a call at the sanctuary on 02891 812622.

Looking 'thoughtfully into the distance' (eyeing up the bird that is sitting chirping) is another of their many talents.

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