Ahoy mateys, I’m Lucy, a sweet and friendly 8 year old sea-cat who just loves human attention!

The old salts here says I be a pirate-cat because I be missing one eye but it doesn’t stop me from being the best buccaneer on the 7 seas! It’s just a shame I don’t have 9 tails!

Now avast ye, what I want for my next booty is to find a nice landlubber to spoil me. You won’t need any treasure because you’ll have me!

I don’t like the company of other cats or dogs, they be scallywags!

I would make little kids walk the plank so only those 12+ on my crew!

I would like a quiet home with access to a safe crow’s nest and garden.

If your ship needs a new captain, call up to the sanctuary Tues – Sun 11am – 3pm and complete an application form! Arrr!

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