Hello everyone, my name is Ozzie!

As you can see, I am still here at Assisi. The food slaves are good to me, but I would much prefer a home to call my own. I really don’t understand why I am still here 😿

I am 6 years old, very handsome and, as you can see in my video, I can be very affectionate… though, only on my terms. I like to play but I am very energetic and rambunctious when I do. Due to this, I would appreciate a home with older children/teenagers as I am not quite sure of those little ones and sometimes do not know my own strength.

I looooove my food, but fish 🐟 is my favourite! I can be affectionately bossy at dinner time! But I am told that that’s what humans are for… for being food slaves!

When I am not chasing mice, doing parkour, or nibbling fish, I like to spend my time lounging in the sun ☀️. I would love access to a safe garden where I could do this.

I would like a home with no other pets because, lets face it, you wouldn’t need anyone else if you had me!

If you would like to meet me and see if we would be a good match, then call up to the sanctuary, fill in an application form. Even if we aren’t a perfect match, then the staff will be able to show you some of my friends. I look forward to moving in with my new family! Please hurry! We are open from 11-3 for rehoming Tuesdays-Sundays.

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