choosing the right cat



Thinking of adopting a cat?

Cats make wonderful companions, they are all so different and entertain us with their quirky ways!


Choosing the right cat can be tricky, they know what sort of person they want as much as we know what sort of cat we would like. Quite often we find that cats will choose their owners, there will be some sort of connection that will let you know that a certain cat is for you. Some cats are more demanding than others so it is important to find a cat that fits  your lifestyle so keep an open mind and try not to be swayed by colour too much.




Choosing the right cat…

Quite often a cat will choose its new owner (or slave!) but it is important that you do have an idea of what sort of cat you would prefer. Try not to dwell too much on age, sex or colour, it is the personality that really counts! Cats are as different as we are and your home may just not be suitable for a particular type of cat. If you live near a very busy road then a cat that wants to spend most of its time outside would not be well suited. In the same way a cat who is very nervous and easily frightened would not suit a home where there is a lot of hustle and bustle, the cat would never get a chance to settle in and find it’s feet. It is all about finding the right cat for your home and lifestyle.

Older cats are often overlooked for younger, more active cats. In actual fact older cats have just as much love to give and once settled into a home of their own they may actually begin to play and behave much younger than their years! In a cattery environment it can be hard for our older cats to show themselves off, the youngsters usually get there first! Don’t be put off if an older cat has a few health issues, young cats will get to this stage in life too, and we have measures in place such as long-term fostering for older cats with health issues.




Come and see us!

If you are thinking about adopting a cat please call in to our Cattery and meet some of our lovely cats who are looking for homes to call their own. The application process is very easy, our application form is designed to gather as much information about you, your lifestyle and the sort of cat you are looking for. This enables us to show you the most suitable cats.

All our cats would love to be homed as soon as possible so please make sure you are ready to take on a new friend. It takes a few months before your cat is fully settled into it’s new home so please make sure you have plenty of time set aside for this. If you are planning on going on holiday or moving house it is always best to wait until you are settled and organised. Cats don’t like upheaval and it will take them much longer to settle in.

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