choosing the right dog


Thinking about adopting a dog?


Take your time and choose your new companion wisely. It is important to do some research if you have never owned a dog before, make sure you have enough time and can keep up to the level of commitment required.


Choosing a dog is not always about what breed you prefer or how big or small the dog is. It is much more important to consider the personality of the dog and how that will match with your own personality and also lifestyle. Many dogs that come through Assisi are crossbreeds and often you get the best and worst of both breeds! Some understanding of what to expect from certain breeds is important, this will allow you to understand the needs of a particular dog much better. Don’t take on more than you can handle, you will only end up feeling like a failure. Be patient and wait for that ‘perfect’ companion.



Come and see us!


We can help you find the right dog.

Our application process is designed to match you to the dog most suited to your lifestyle. We ask you to fill in a form which is used to gather as much information about you and what you want from your new dog. From this we can start to show you dogs that meet your criteria. If you do meet a dog that you would like to offer a home to we ask that you visit the dog and take it for a walk at least twice before you get your home visit. If all goes well with your home visit we will be in touch to arrange a day and time for you to collect your new companion.

The whole process usually takes around a week to ten days, but we cannot hold a dog over if you are going on holiday or moving house, so please make sure you are ready to take on a new friend before you come to us!


If you are interested in finding a new companion please give us a call or come up to the Sanctuary and fill out an application form in Reception. Last applications are taken at 3.30pm.




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