Dog of the week
Why hello there darlings! My name is Milo and I am three years old!
As you can see I am a stunning spaniel cross! I came to stay here at this hotel while I await my very own family!
In my spare time I enjoy fine dining and lots of exercise! In my new home I will require firm boundaries to be set and continuation of my training.
I am an intelligent fellow and always eager to make my humans happy!
I enjoy playing and lounging with the staff at this hotel, well I think this is a hotel anyway!
If you let me I will sit on your knee all day long although the staff here say I am a bit too big for that, I say nonsense!
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home and i would not be able to live with children.
Do you have room in your heart for me? Please call up to the sanctuary between 11am and 3pm from Tuesday to Sunday, and meet me!
Lots of love, from Milo 🐾 

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