Hi everyone, I’m Monty and I am here to tell you what a special boy I am!!

I have lived at Assisi since February 2010.  Because I wasn’t found when I was a pupper, I wasn’t socialised with people until I was nearly 5 months old but since then I have come on in leaps and bounds!

I am perfectly house-trained, and I can sleep all night without a peep!

I absolutely love my food but I can get a wee bit too excited about it so you need to calm me down by making me sit first. I am very good at this trick now and will do it if you say so. My favourite treats are Pedigree dentastix and Bakers dental delicious (just in case you were wondering!)

The only toy I really love is a real tennis ball – so much fun to chase and chew!

I also love walking with other dogs (because dogs are the best thing ever), and I could live with one very happily if they were super chilled. I am particularly good at walking off-lead as I have no interest in wildlife or livestock and will happily follow you and another dog as long as we are very careful on the roads.

The main thing about me is that I like to take my time getting to know new people. Once I do, I need you to give me lots of affection until I trust you; I might even let you rub my belly one day! I like my own space sometimes and could live with older children who will give this to me if I need it.

Why not come and talk to my human friends here Tuesday-Sunday 11am-3pm to see what a good dog I am for yourself!

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