Hello everyone, My name is Nixon and I am around seven years old. As you can see I am a doberman cross. I am seeking a new home to call my own. I am looking for an adult only family with no young children or cats. I will need an experienced owner, who has had dobermans before. I enjoy my walks and I am polite on the lead, I don’t like to venture to far away from my human when on walks. I enjoy playing with other dogs however I can be a bit rough so If I am going to live with another dog it would need to be of similar age as me. I do enjoy attention on my own terms and may take time to get to know my new owner. I will need firm boundaries set in my new home from day one and I would prefer to live with someone who has lots of time to spend with me. I will need work on training and socialization in my new home. I would love to find my forever home soon! If you feel you could offer me a forever home please call up to the sanctuary and speak to the staff about me.

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