Missing Pet Register

Missing Pet Register


If your cat goes missing, please get in touch with our Cattery straight away.   They keep a log of all the missing cats whose owners have phoned in for help to find them.

A log is also kept of all the found cats, as quite often members of the public who find a cat that has strayed are happy to look after them until the owner can be traced.  We also cross match the register with stray cats who are handed in at The Sanctuary.


We also keep a Lost Dog register and a Found Dog register.  All stray dogs brought to us have to be collected by the dog warden, so if you lose your dog,  please call your local council dog warden first and then call The Sanctuary.  We do our best to make sure a stray has no owner before they are re-homed                                          .

Our system has great success rate.  Its purpose is to help locate strays and reunite them with their owners.  Just a few days ago, we reunited a young male cat with his worried owner…..the cat had travelled from Bangor to Groomsport! DSCF3029   


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