Assisi urges you to give your cat a chip!

A cat that had been missing for nearly two years has been reunited with its family thanks to Assisi Animal Sanctuary.

The moggy, called Rooney after the Manchester United footballer, went missing shortly after the family moved house. His owners had rang around the local vets and animal sanctuaries at the time looking for him but Rooney hadn’t been handed in. They’d also drove back to their old house a few times to see if he was there.

Unknown to his owner, Rooney was being fed by a kind woman who believed him to be a stray at a house not far from where they had lived. Rooney was in good condition and taking refuge in her garage.

She brought him to Assisi at the beginning of the year to see if he was registered and Assisi staff member Julie Gilmore found that he was chipped. Unfortunately for the cat, his microchip details were still registered to the previous house. Plus the landline andmobile number given were no longer in operation.

Julie didn’t give up there though, after numerous calls and searches on social media sites, she was able to track the owner down though a vets in Bangor, where they had registered a dog.

Rooney has now settled back into life with his family again and is back to sleeping on his usual spot. He has even put the new dog in his place, showing him that he is still the boss.

This is a lovely ending to the story and Assisi would recommend that owners get their pets micro-chipped, because it really does help to get them reunited if they go missing. And please also remember if you have moved house, update the details on your pet’s chip.

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