Attention all Assisi supporters who shop in ASDA, Newtownards & Downpatrick

ASDA Newtownards & Downpatrick have a Community Board and every two months they invite local people to nominate a good cause within their community. We are delighted that Assisi has been nominated as one of the three causes on the Community Board for the June/July period.

Voting will take place from 1 June throughout the next two months, with the winner being announced on 1 August. The winner will be the organisation which receives the most votes and they will receive £200 from the ASDA Foundation, with the runners up each receiving £50.

Customers can vote in store by putting tokens, handed out at the tills, into one of the three marked boxes next to the store’s community board which is located near the Customer Services Desk.

If you are in ASDA Newtownards or Downpatrick during June or July, please vote for Assisi. You can also go on-line and vote.

Thank you.

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