Cat and Kitten Fostering Appeal…

We are always looking for foster carers for our mummies and babies.

We need people who are prepared to take on the care of mums and babies and also kittens who require hand rearing. Fostering can be for anything up to 9 weeks.

Fostering isn’t as glamorous as it sounds! There will be plenty of sleepless nights and a lot of mess to clean up! It is also very rewarding watching young kittens grow up and seeing how mummy cats care for their young.

What do we require from you?

Experience is useful but not necessary. We do prefer those who want to help with hand rearing to have some past experience with hand rearing young kittens or puppies.

If you are hand rearing you must be aware that you will have to hand feed the kittens through the night, and you can end up being up to feed every 2 hours for very young kittens.

If any of the cats or kittens under your care requires veterinary treatment you will be expected to take the cat or kittens to the vets, there will be no cost to you but you must transport them to and from the vets.

We expect you to have a safe area in your home to keep the mum and babies or kittens. This can be in a spare room or a special enclosure.

We expect you to be able to provide the mum and babies or kittens with a quiet environment so that there is no unnecessary stress.

We do prefer there to be no young children in the home as a lot of noise and commotion can cause unnecessary stress to the mum and kittens.

You do not have to provide food or kitten milk yourself, Assisi will provide all of that. We do however welcome all donations of food for cats and kittens.

You are under no obligation to find homes for the mummy cat or kittens, if there are any interested parties then all re-homing of kittens must be done through Assisi.

Occasionally the mummy cat will be feral so will require special care. The kittens will also require extra time spent on them to ensure they do not pick up feral tendencies as they grow up. We only allow our most experienced foster carers to take on feral mummies.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please give us a call at the Sanctuary and ask to speak to Heather Oliver, Sanctuary Manager who will talk you through everything that is required. Call Heather on 028 9181 2622.


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