Hello, my name is Tabitha and I am 7+ years old. I came to stay at Assisi after my  owner passed away, hopefully I will find my forever home soon!

However, I am quite particular about my likes and dislikes (of which I have many!). I am looking for a food slave who will tend to my fussy food desires and someone who will provide me with fancy beds, like my fabulous leopard print one… the sassy print matches my sassy Cat-itude!

I would also like access to a safe garden I don’t care much for children, other felines or those pesky peasants.. I mean, canines! I would need to be the only pet in a quiet home as I can be high maintenance my potential owners would need to be understanding that I may need a little space and time to come around.

Unfortunately, I have struggled to settle into cattery life, and although the staff here are very good to me and try to make me as comfortable as possible, I think I would show myself off better in a home environment.

I haven’t settled enough to show my softer side other than when I am being brought lots of tasty things !

I have been slowly coming out of my shell and will occasionally rub against legs and do happy wiggles with my tail! If you feel you could offer me a home where I could feel happy enough to show my gentler side then please contact the sanctuary.

You can talk to my slaves here in the cattery and they will be able to tell you more about me.

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