Challenge 20

Assisi 20th Anniversary

Challenge 20 Ideas

20k walk—do it all at once or 1k a day

20 hour sponsored silence

20 lengths of the swimming pool

20th December swim in the sea

20 people for afternoon tea

20 buns baked to sell at the spring, summer or winter sales—or

20 doggie jumpers or scarves knitted to sell

20 mile cycle

20 hour dance marathon

20 day abstinence—from gaming, alcohol or chocolate

20 strikes ten pin bowling marathon

20 cars washed

20 flags—an international night with food from around the world

20 questions quiz night

20lb weight loss (or gain!)

20s themed movie night—dress as gangsters!

20£ teddy bear—purchase one of our Heartbeat Bears

20 friends round for celebrity bingo

20 wellies! – organise a wellie throwing competition

  • 20th anniversary events— there’ll be lots of events running throughout the year. Get your tickets early for our Gala dinner in November

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