Did you get lots of lovely Christmas presents? Are you heading out to the sales?

If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you probably need to make room for them. If you are having a clear-out, then the Assisi charity shops could help you find a welcome home for your unwanted items. Your unwanted items will help us raise funds to feed and medicate the cats, dogs and rabbits at the sanctuary.

The shops accept most items that you will have in your house eg:
* ladies, gents and children’s clothes and shoes
* handbags, jewellery
* books (especially crime and thriller and romance), dvd’s & cd’s
* ornaments, household items
* furniture and electrical items.

We can collect items of furniture (free of charge). Our shops are in Ballynahinch (028 9756 0008), Bangor (028 9122 6512) and Newtownards (028 9181 9200).Bed green sofa office desk


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