Goodbye to Kali

Sunday was a sad day at the sanctuary, as we had to say goodbye to Kali, our office cat. If you have visited the sanctuary you will probably have seen her lounging in the office window. She liked to keep an eye on what was going on outside, as long as she didn’t have to expend any energy by joining in.

Kali was a stray and came to live at the sanctuary several years ago. We believe she had probably lived a hard life for a few years before coming to Assisi and she never had any inclination to escape – open doors were just that – an open door. She occasionally went outside for a walk but very quickly looked for the quickest way back inside.

Kali didn’t like other cats but did like dogs. She came to live in the office where she gave the staff a hard time. She didn’t like feet and would often attack the feet of the staff just for daring to walk past her. She mellowed if you had chicken but only long enough to eat it and then you were surplus to her requirements.

She definitely was a cat with cattitude and will be missed by all who knew and loved her fiesty independent nature. The office is very quiet without Kali – our Diva.

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