Have you ever wondered what happens before 11am at Assisi!

The gates at Assisi open to the public at 11am – but what happens before that?  The day for the staff at Assisi starts at 8.30am.  They inspect all the kennels and cages for anything untoward that might have happened to any of the animals during the night and this is recorded in the diary to be discussed with the Manager.  The animals are feed, given any medicines that are required and then the animals are put out into the outdoor play areas.  Then the cleaning begins – all the cages and kennels are cleaned, blankets and bowls washed.

That’s the activities that are planned and happen every day, but what are some of the events which occur on a daily basis and are not planned.  Here are some of the events which happened yesterday before 11am:

*  9 rabbits arrived that were found in a shed

*  9 puppies left on the Chance of a Lifetime Ambulance to new lives in England

*  3 feral cats trapped earlier in the week were neutered and were released yesterday back to their own environments

*  12 puppies arrived from Donegal. The mother hadn’t been neutered and could not manage any longer to feed such     a large litter.  They are beautiful black and brown Lab mixes

*  5 kittens were found under a hedge – no mummy in sight. All are now out with a foster carer to hand rear.

All this before the gates opened to the public at 11am. Phew!!!


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