It is with deep sadness that we have to tell you that Jeunet passed away today.   She had been unwell for the last few days and following a visit to the vet it was found that she had a large chest tumour.  We are all sad as she was a gentle old lady who came to us as a result of creulty which left her very wary of people.  Whilst with us she was happy with all her cat friends in the cattery and was well fed and had a comfortable home.  We will miss her.


I  am a lovely black and white cat who came to Assisi in 2001 as a result of cruelty which has left me terrified of people. I am about 15 years old and a few years ago I broke my leg jumping from a shelf and had to have it amputated but I have got used to only having 3 legs and have to realise I am not as agile as I was!




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