We are Shocked by Abuse Case…

Update on Kim  – 22.1.11

Thank you for all the messages of good wishes and support for both Kim and Assisi. Kim was well enough today to leave the Vet and has gone home with her foster carer.  She will be on cage rest for the next 3 weeks, so that she does not put too much pressure on her damaged hips.  She will visit the Vet weekly for an x-ray, so that they can keep an eye on her bones and how they are healing.

She will require surgery in the future,  but as she is still so young that will not happen for some time.  She is on pain relief but is in good spirits despite everything that has happened to her and allowed all the staff to stroke her before she left.  For all of you who have offered to fundraise for Assisi, we wish you every success and if we can help you, please email elaine@assisi-ni.org.

Press Release  –  issued 20 January 2011

Local Animal Sanctuary Shocked by Abuse Case…

Today, staff at Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig, Co Down were shocked by the level of abuse sustained by a 3 month old kitten. Information islimited as to where the kitten came from only that it  was rescued by a couple travelling to Belfast from the west of the Province.

They noticed the kitten on the roadside and decided to bring it to the sanctuary in Conlig, Co Down. Assisi is an independent charity recognised for its work in saving the lives of companion animals throughout Northern Ireland.

Sanctuary Manager Heather Oliver said “The 12 week old kitten was initially thought to have been hit by a car, veterinary inspection revealed it had been the victim of deliberate sexual abuse. The kitten now named Kim has undergone surgery to begin to repair the damage. She has suffered extensive tearing of soft tissue, multiple pelvic fractures and hip damage which will need surgery at a later date”.  Heather visited her last night and she was eating and drinking, she is still very unsteady on her back legs. “She will receive the best possible care to enable her recovery. We are all devastated that this has happened, and can’t comprehend who would inflict this act on a baby kitten”.

“Unfortunately we see neglect on a weekly basis and occasional cases of deliberate abuse, but not many. This has shocked us all to stunned silence. Sexually assaulting an animal is a very frightening and shocking event to be associated with any society”.

X-Ray provided shows Kim’s injuries, multiple fractures – very sad

Please contact Caroline Millar for further comment etc…. Tel  07581 215441.

Some more  photos of Kim below…

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