Nicky Caughey walked 75km for Assisi

Nicky Caughey and Cali walked 75km for Assisi and raised £2,131. Isn’t that fantastic – well done to both of them and thank you for all the animals at Assisi.

The walk took place around the Lacale Challenge course from Downpatrick to Newcastle.   Nicky said “I’m walked 75km in 1 day for Assisi Animal Sanctuary because I saw first hand the wonderful work they do.       


 Nicky and Cali’s Story:   

I did this walk last year and it is a massive challenge. My wee dog Tia did the last 20km with me.  Unfortunately she got poisoned 2 weeks later out walking and I had to make the devastating decision to let her go. I needed a new mate to get me out walking again and I decided to give a wee puppy a good home a number of weeks later. I saw at this stage the wonderful work that Assisi carry out and was shocked that they had no government funding. The care they have for the animals on site is just amazing. Cali couldnt have helped me more and I guess she feels lucky to have found such a loving home. Hopefully raising money for Assisi can give many more pets like Cali the chance they deserve as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and please visit my JustGiving page.



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