Please support the ‪#‎MoreThanAShop‬ campaign

The On-line petition is open to end March.  Please read and support us.

Charity shops are currently entitled to 100% relief on our business rates, but this being reviewed by the Department of Finance and Personnel at Stormont with the possibility that the relief could be reduced or eliminated.

A hike in charity shop rates in Northern Ireland could mean charities here would have £5.5m less to spend on the most vulnerable.

Charity shops create jobs, contribute to a thriving high street, and provide 5,400 volunteering opportunities, help young people to gain important work skills and older people to combat social isolation.

They also help attract visitors to the high street even during economic downturns, provide good quality products for local people on a budget, and divert over 21,000 tonnes of textile from landfill, saving local authorities very significant sums in landfill tax.

Please sign up to support our campaign at:
Or call into your local Assisi Charity Shop and sign the petition.

Assisi would not be able to care for the number of animals we do each year without the income we get from our three charity stores.

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