Sadness of Cat/Kitten Cruelty

As an animal sanctuary we deal with all sorts of cruelty to animals. This story underlines the fact.

Late on Sunday, 10th July, some children brought a small kitten to a staff member’s home. They had found the kitten in a bag at the side of the road, in the Lagmore area, Lisburn.

Staff member, Sinead went back with the children to the area where the kitten was found on Monday evening and found a tied plastic bag with a dead, suffocated mummy cat and her two babies, hanging from a tree.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case, abuse and neglect are all too common.

There is little assistance available to help stop cruelty to cats/kittens. If you know of or suspect any abuse or cruelty to cats/kittens, please contact the PSNI, USPCA, Assisi or Cats Protection.

Thank You.

Note: – The rescued kitten is now at the sanctuary and is doing well. He is called Mischa, is black and is 4-5 weeks old and he is very affectionate.


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